Alligator Lake - Laguna

Located in Barangay Tadlac in the town of Los Banos in Laguna, Alligator Lake is the centerpiece of the Tadlac Lake Nature Park

Alligator Lake

Alligator Lake details

The municipality of Los Banos along with most of its barangays is known for its numerous hot spring resorts however, Alligator Lake is probably the main attraction of Barangay Tadlac. Its name probably came from olden times when alligators call this lake home. Other names of the lake are Crocodile Lake and the tourism friendlier Enchanted Lake and Tadlac Lake.

Alligator Lake is formally called Tadlac Lake

The steps going down to the Alligator Lake Viewing Deck

Like what was written earlier, Alligator Lake is the centerpiece of the Tadlac Lake Nature Park which has a total area of about 25 hectares. Alligator Lake covers 22.7 hectares of that. The lake has a mean depth of 27 meters.  

Pictures of Alligator Lake

Since the days of the alligators and crocodiles have long gone. Alligator Lake is abundant with different species of fish like the Nile Tilapia (Tilapia), Common Carp (Karpa), Milkfish (Bangus), White Goby (Biya), Mudfish (Dalag), Grant / Silvery Therapon (Ayungin), Aside from fishes, the lake is also frequented by endemic and migratory birds. Some of the birds spotted around the lake are the Pacific Swallow (Layang laying), Whiskered Tern (Kanaway), Little Egret (Tagak), and Black-naped oriole (Kilyawan), and Yellow Vented Bulbul (Luklak) to name a few. 

Team Nicerio visits Alligator Lake

The Backpack Adventures visits Alligator Lake / Tadlac Lake

My wife daughter and I got to visit Alligator Lake during our Laguna Road Trip 2021. It was our first destination for the day. The lake has the potential to be a hit ecotourism destination given its close proximity to Metro Manila. However, at present, it lacks the necessary amenities and important infrastructures like a wide parking space and a two-way road that could handle vehicular and foot traffic. 

Team Nicerio visits Alligator Lake

During our visit, we found an open area near the lake which is probably privately owned. The lake, despite its natural beauty, offers nothing much to visitors unless they brought a fishing rod with them. Alligator Lake does not even have a walkway/pathway where visitors can get a chance to walk around the lake. The biggest issue however is getting to and from the lake. The road is narrow and one has to be creative to maneuver if they want to make a U-turn. I do hope that the local government improves these to draw more tourists to the lake.

Alligator Lake Entrance Fee

To reach the lake, visitors need to enter Barangay Tadlac. They require outsiders to pay an environmental fee of 20 pesos per person

Alligator Lake Operating Hours

Alligator Lake is open 24/7 however, visitors are discouraged to swim in it, particularly at night. 

Why visit Alligator Lake

Alligator Lake has the potential to be a nice eco-tourism destination. However, there needs to be a lot of improvements for this to happen. To be honest, I don't recommend you to visit our flock this yet as maneuvering in and out of the area would be a disaster. If you want to enjoy your visit. Check-in to one of the resorts in the area which offers lake activity. 

Getting to Alligator Lake

From Manila, ride a UV Express van, regular bus, P2P bus bound for SM Calamba. Walk to the jeepney terminal and ride a jeepney with the UP Los Banos signboard. Tell the driver to drop you off at Bagong Kalsada in Pansol. 
Bus Fare: 90 -110 pesos
Jeepney Fare: 20 pesos

Once there, you can rent a tricycle to bring you to Alligator Lake viewing deck in Barangay Tadlac. Just a heads up, you might need to walk back to several meters back to the two-way road to ride a tricycle that will bring you back to the highway.  
Tricycle Fare: 20-30 pesos one way




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  1. Sana i-develop ito ng local government. May potensyal ang Alligator Lake kaso mukhang napabayaan.

    1. Sana nga. Yung Sumlang Lake sa Albay nadevelop at napaganda na. Eto sana madevelop rin lalo na't malapit sa Maynila.

  2. Maganda pala ang Tadlac Lake. Sabi ng mga barkada ko pangit daw diyan at di developed tapos maraming nakatira sa paligid.

    1. Sad to say, I agree with you. Magandang idevelop ang lugar na ito kaso nga lang nabahayan na.


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