Boso Boso Church - Rizal

Located in Sitio Old Bosoboso, Barangay San Jose, Antipolo City in the province of Rizal, Boso Boso Church also called Bosoboso Church is one of the beautiful Spanish-colonial era churches built in the province. It is also one of the oldest. 

Boso Boso Church

Boso Boso Church details

Formally called Nuestra Senora de la Annunciata Parish Church, Boso Boso Church was originally built by Franciscan missionaries as a mission church in 1669. The church served as a sanctuary and conversion site for the Dumagat people who lived in the mountains of modern-day Rizal. 

Nuestra Senora de la Annunciata Parish Church
Boso Boso Church - Antipolo City, Rizal

Boso Boso Church
Nuestra Senora de la Annunciata Parish Church / Boso Boso Church

The gate of Boso Boso Church

In 1741, the Jesuits took over the management of the church until they were expelled from the Philippines in 1768 and control of Bosoboso Church was turned over to the secular priests.

St. Camillus de Lellis

Boso Boso Church Porta Sancta

Boso Boso Church NHI Marker

Come, join me. Let's go inside Boso Boso Church

Since its establishment during the Spanish-colonial era, Boso Boso Church has been a silent witness to numerous historical events that shaped the lives of the people living near it. Although the church managed to survive until today, Bosos Boso Church didn't escape the wrath of Mother Nature and the acts of man. It was significantly damaged by the 1880 earthquake and due to the dwindling population in the area, the church was never restored. Whatever was left of the church was burned down by the Japanese invading forces during the Second World War leaving only the lower portion of its facade. 

Inside Boso Boso Church

Boso Boso Church Interior as seen from the Porta Sancta

Boso Boso Church Interior as seen from the altar

Boso Boso Church confessional box

Boso Boso Church holy water font

The relic and image of St. Camillus de Lellis

The relic of St. Camillus de Lellis

Boso Boso Church altar

An image of Nuestra Senora de la Annunciata 

Slowly, the people returned and established the current day Barangay San Jose. The Camillian Order eventually took over the administration of Boso Boso Church un 1986. They made sure that the church was built to look like the original. Restoration of the church was finally completed in 1995. 

Prayer Candles

The friendly volunteers of Boso Boso Church

Offered some prayers and lit up some prayer candles

The Backpack Adventures visits Boso Boso Church

At present, Boso Boso Church is home to a relic of St. Camillus de Lellis which was brought in from Rome. He is known as the patron saint of the sick, hospitals, nurses, and physicians.

My family and I got to visit Boso Boso Church as a side trip our our Mt. Batolusong hike last 2020.

Boso Boso Church Entrance Fee

It's FREE to enter Boso Boso Church to attend mass and explore its grounds. 

Boso Boso Church Mass Schedule

Here's the mass schedule for Boso Boso Church.

Boso Boso Church Mass Schedule

Why visit Boso Boso Church?

Aside from being a must-visit destination if you're doing a Visita Iglesia in the province of Rizal, Boso Boso Church is also a pilgrimage site for the sick and also for medical practitioners.

Getting to Boso Boso Church

From Manila, ride the LRT 2 going to Antipolo Station. From there, ride a jeepney or UV Express van to Old Boso Boso Tricycle Terminal, Ride a tricycle going to Boso Boso Church via the Maharlika-Infanta Highway.




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