Japan Diaries: Day 26

Day 26 January 13, 2015

Flight Back Home

Good morning Japan! It's a perfect day to go out on an adventure today. However, today marks our final day in Japan. Today also marks the saddest day of our stay here in this beautiful country.

We'll be missing this room which we called our own for almost a month

The living room

The shower room

...and the hot tub!

Instead of going out, we just spent the remainder of the day packing up our baggage. Our tears started pouring as we put the last of our stuff in the luggage. As a matter of fact, one box of Kleenex couldn't stop the tear flowing from our eyes.

Aaaah and not to forget the high tech toilet bowl

That afternoon, we bid farewell to the Kameyama residence. I took pictures of the different parts of the house, particularly our room - as a remembrance. Mr. Toshi and his family drove us to Kansai International Airport. We found it very hard to say goodbye to the people who took care of us and treated us like family. As the hugs (and goodbyes) were exchanged, Mr. Toshi left us a promise that we could visit again anytime (and they'd bring us to more beautiful places).

Bye for now Japan. See you again (soon).

As the view of Kansai International Airport grew smaller and smaller, my admiration and respect for the Japanese people and culture grew greater and greater. 

That's it for today, for now, we'd save up for our next big adventure.

This diary is dedicated to Tomato who passed away in 2016
(Mr. Toshi's wonderful dog) 

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  1. Japan is rich in technology as well as in its culture. A beautiful country with humble people welcoming you wholeheartedly !!!

    1. That is true. I love its culture, history, tradition, and people. Basically, I love everything about Japan.

  2. Sounds like you had the best time. I love the washing machine is that from the LG signature range?

    1. Hi Shana... Yup yup yup. I think that's an LG washing machine.

  3. I've always wanted to go to Japan. I am sure I would love it!

  4. Liked reading about Mr Toshi and his apartment. It's cute that you dedicated the post to his late dog

  5. wow i really love japan, and im so excited to visit this beautiful country again this year. hopefully we'll enjoy our kansai stay

    1. Wow! Really! I will be looking forward to your posts about your trip. =)

  6. I went to Japan about 12 years ago. I stayed in a place that looked similar. Brought back some memories. Thanks for sharing.

    1. That's nice to hear Kelly. You should revisit Japan. =)

  7. Nice article. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Very nice info and photos of your trip. Thanks for sharing with others who may want to plan a trip as well.


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