Hiking Mount Kongo

Located in Minamikawachi Region, Osaka Prefecture in Japan, Mount Kongo or Mount Kongō (金剛山; Kongōsan ) is the tallest mountain in Osaka. 

Mt. Kongo

Mt. Kongo Details:

Height: 1,125 m
Major Trailhead: Chihayaakasaka, Osaka
Climb time: 5 minutes via ropeway, 2 hours hike

Mt. Kongo stands 1,125 meters high. A large part of the mountain is located within the territory of Osaka Prefecture but its peak is located in Nara Prefecture.

Mt. Kongo stands 1,125 meters high. A large part of the mountain is located within the territory of Osaka Prefecture but its peak is located in Nara Prefecture.
Mt. Kongo 金剛山 - Minamikawachi, Osaka

The ropeway terminal at the foot of the mountain

The Mt. Kongo Ropeway brings visitors to the terminal near the peak

The view from the ropeway

Nearing the mountaintop terminal

The terminal at the peak as seen from the cable car

The mountain is popular for hikers and non-hikers alike. For hikers, the mountain has about ten normally used hiking routes. It would take a hiker 2 to 3 hours to reach the peak depending on his pacing. Non-hikers, on the other hand, could ride Mt. Kongo Ropeway to reach Mt. Kongo Station which is situated at an altitude of 1,053 meters (The highest point in the territory of Osaka). 

The mountaintop terminal of the Mt. Kongo Ropeway

Speaking of the Mt. Kongo Ropeway, it is a 1,323-meter aerial lift owned by the village government. It is also the symbol of Chihaya Akasaka Village. 

Looking back from the terminal at the mountain terminal.

The viewing deck of the mountaintop terminal

The map of the Mt. Kongo

We visited 
Mt. Kongo during the 25th day of our stay in Japan. This trip was actually our last hurrah before heading back to the Philippines. 

Just follow the path!

It's really cold in the mountain during winter!

Although Mt. Kongō is one of my mountaineering adventures. I have to admit that I failed to reach its peak despite me being 62 meters away from it. I was warned that my hiking boots aren't for slippery slopes. I could rent a non-slip strap for my shoes but I chose to enjoy sledding with my wife and daughter instead.  

Check out our short sledding clip:

The signage outside the Konanso Lodge is near the peak.

Team Nicerio visits Mount Kongo

Chihaya Nature and Astronomy Museum

A small "hill" used for sledding (Careful it's very slippery)

The pavilion near the peak of Mt. Kongo

Can someone translate this for me?

A nice souvenir from Mt. Kongo

Check out Ryu-chan

Mt. Kongo is another one of those memorable adventures for me and my family because it was there that we first experienced riding a ropeway and a sled.

The Backpack Adventures (and Olaf) on Mt. Kongo

Why hike Mt. Kongo?

Overall, Mt. Kongo, the highest peak of Osaka Prefecture, is now a very easy day hike due to the fact that there is a ropeway that can bring you to the ropeway station near the peak greatly reducing your hiking time. It's a must-hike especially during the winter as you can practice your sledding skills in the "mini-hill" near the peak. Make sure you wear a snowshoe though as the said hill tends to be slippery.

Getting to Mt. Kongo: 

If you brought your own car, follow the road signs.

Ride a Nankai bus heading to Kongosan Ropeway-mae at Kawachi - Nagano Station of the Nankai Rinkan Sun Line.

You could also ride a Kongo bus for Chihaya Ropeway-mae at Tondabayashi Station of the Kintetsu Nagano Line. 

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  1. Hi :) what month did you visit that place?

  2. I didn't know that you can go sledding in Mt. Kongo. That's nice! I am planning to hike it with my friends this coming Golden Week.

    1. Enjoy Mt. Kongo! You'd surely love the beautiful nature of this mountain.


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