Food Trip: Kaiten-zushi (Conveyor Belt Sushi)

A visit to Japan would not be complete without trying its traditional dishes but what's better than the traditional dishes are the ones mixed with Japanese technological creativeness. A perfect example of this is the Kaiten-zushi ( 回転寿司 ).

Kaiten-zushi ( 回転寿司 )

kaiten-zushi is a sushi restaurant where the plates with the different varieties of sushi are placed on a rotating conveyor belt where customers simply pick their selections from a steady stream of fresh sushi moving along the conveyor belt. Some kaiten-zushi uses a fancier presentation such as miniature wooden "sushi boats" traveling small canals. Others use miniature locomotive cars. (I haven't seen and tried the sushi boats or locomotive cars though).

Daikisuidan Revolving Sushi

Following the steps to a happy dining experience

Here are the ones that I have tried in Daikisuidan:

100 Yen Cooked Egg

200 Yen Lightly Roasted Squid's Legs

250 Yen Red Shrimp (Extra-Large)

150 Yen Crab Flavor Salad

200 Yen Iwatako

150 Yen Raw Grilled Salmon

150 Yen Okra

150 Yen Snail

250 Yen Herring Roe Ship

200 Yen Raw Boiled Octopus

200 Yen Herring Roe

250 Yen Shrimp Combo

150 Yen Crab Flavor Salad

200 Yen Amber Jack

250 Yen Cuttlefish

250 Yen Shrimp Combo

These restaurants are also called conveyor belt sushi ( 回転寿司 ) and sushi-go-round (くるくる寿司). This type of restaurant was invented by Yoshiaki Shiraishi due to problems in managing his sushi restaurant. He got the idea of a conveyor belt sushi restaurant after he observed the beer bottles on a conveyor belt in an Asahi brewery. After years of development and design, the first conveyor belt sushi restaurant Mawaru Genroku Sushi opened in Osaka in 1958.

Team Nicerio tries out this Kaiten-zushi in Osaka

To date, conveyor belt sushi restaurants are a big part of Japan's unique food culture. It already has numerous variations and technological improvements that are meant to improve the quality of the business. 

Here's what my daughter was doing while my wife and I were busy eating...

We have dined in a conveyor belt sushi restaurant twice in our 2014-2015 26-day stay in Japan. Our first was in Daisukisuisan Revolving Sushi at Universal CityWalk Osaka and the other was at Kura Zushi restaurant also in Osaka.

Overall, both experiences changed my whole view of sushi dining.


Overall rating


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