Food Trip: Lechon

There is an old saying that goes, "A fiesta without a lechon is never a fiesta." True enough, the mere sight of a lechon being prepared for an upcoming feast could bring a crowd into cheers.


So what is a lechon and what did it have that makes it worthy to be the first food trip in my blog?

Taste test - Lechon

A lechon is basically a pork dish that serves as one of the most popular delicacies in the Philippines. To prepare a lechon, one must need a whole pig, a bamboo pole that is twice the length of the pig, and an apple. The pig is impaled by the bamboo pole and is roasted in an open fire where special sauces are applied to its skin. The apple is then placed in the mouth of the pig after the cooking process for merely decorative purposes.

Don't forget the apple!

The name lechon is a Spanish word that refers to a suckling pig that is roasted. Filipinos call it litson na baboy due to the fact that there is lechon na baka (roasted cow). Yup, one whole cow is prepared and cooked using the same process used for the pig.

Best with Mang Tomas Hot & Spicy All-Around Sarsa

A lechon is usually served on special occasions and fiestas (festivals) because it is quite expensive to buy one. One could fetch as much as $250. The lechon is said to be the "king" of all dishes because once it is served all else becomes secondary.

Everybody was happy!

Feel the crunch of the Lechon skin!

What Filipinos literally and figuratively die for in a lechon is its crunchy skin. Try to observe that when a lechon is served the part of it that is sought after is its skin.

I admit I'm not a professional Lechon chopper...

because chopping the lechon needs a lot of devotion and passion =P

Due to its popularity, the lechon even has its own festival. Held every June 24 in Balayan, Batangas - Parada ng mga Lechon (Parade of the Lechon) highlights the dozens of lechon roasted and served in a grand feast. (free lechon tasting anyone?)

3 celebrations in 1 day. =)

Aside from all those facts, the main reason behind why the lechon served as my first food trip is simply because I had one during my birthday last March 31*. =)

*special thanks to my wonderful father-in-law Leonardo Gabales for the lechon. 

Best served with:
  • Mang Tomas Sauce 
  • Cold Pepsi or Coca-Cola 
  • Coleslaw
  • Beer

Overall rating


  1. Awesome post :) My roomy has a tried pig roasted over s fire before. Not too common around here, but would give it a god :)

    1. This one is a sure ticket to heaven pal. I bet one man couldn't finish one whole lechon in a day without suffering a heart attack.

  2. Happy happy birthday neil Alvin :)))))

  3. If you find your way down to Cebu someday, the lechon there is a must try!! It's the best! Yum yum yum!!

    1. Yup I heard that the lechon from Cebu is world class though I haven't tried it yet.
      My lechon is from Mindanao. It's also great. =) I think some provinces have their own lechon specialty. =P

  4. sure looks tasty! i wanna try that one day!

  5. try lito's lechon cebu in quezon province. visit our website,

  6. It looks delicious! The only time I've ever seen a pig served whole is in Hawaii when they traditionally cook it in the ground. Such a treat :)

    1. You should visit Cebu in the Philippines. Lechon is a regular dish there. YOu'd surely love the place.


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