Willy's Rock - Aklan

Found in Station 1 of the four-kilometer-long white sand beach of Boracay Island in the province of Aklan, Willy's Rock is considered the most recognizable landmark in Boracay Island.

Willy's Rock

Willy's Rock Details 

The oddly shaped rock formation got its name from the nearby Willy's Beach Club Hotel. Locals erected a shrine for the Blessed Virgin Mary atop one of the huge rocks. They also built a staircase to protect the "adventurous" tourists from the jagged edges of the formation.

Willy's Rock - Boracay Island, Aklan

A closer look at Willy's Rock

Willy's Rock looks like a battleship from a distance

Sunset view near Willy's Rock

One adventurous tourist taking his chances

The Shrine of the Blessed Mary

Due to its popularity, Willy's Rock served as the symbol of the island. The rock formation could be seen in most of the souvenir pictures, shirts, and even the collectible Starbucks city tumblers.

My brother and hundreds of tourists enjoying the sunset 

For me there is actually nothing outstanding about Willy's Rock, some would even say it's an eyesore to the beautiful white sand beach. Regardless of our ideas, Willy's Rock would always be synonymous with Boracay Island.

Willy's Rock Admission Fee:

 It's FREE to visit Willy's Rock.

Willy's Rock Opening Hours:

Willy's Rock is open 24/7.

Why visit Willy's Rock?

Willy's Rock is one of the most famous landmarks of Boracay Island. This rock formation is actually synonymous with Boracay Island itself. Although there's nothing much to do here, you should not miss having a photo taken with this unique-looking rock. 

Getting to Willy's Rock:

Airline companies fly daily to Caticlan and Kalibo.
Keep in mind that Caticlan is nearer Boracay Island but airfare is most likely very expensive. Kalibo, on the other hand, is further but the cost of airfare is cheaper.

From Caticlan: Take a three-minute tricycle ride going to the jetty port. Board a fast craft or a pump boat going to Boracay Island.

From Kalibo: Take a one hour and a half land trip on a van or a bus going to the jetty port. Board a fast craft or pump boat going to Boracay Island.

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  1. Nice, that little island rocks :)

    1. Hehehe thanks Jeremy. I really appreciate you're comments pal!

  2. Beautiful photos:) I am greeting

  3. Hi Neil, going to go there in Dec this year. I don't have any idea on how to go from Caticlan airport to Boracay island and how much the cost would be? I will stay in Fairways and Bluewater resort.
    If you have any suggestion, please let me know! Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi! If you'll be heading to Boracay from Caticlan airport, you will need to ride a boat heading to the Island. Then ride a mini Cab. You can check out my blog about Boracay Island. It has more infos that will help.


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