Bamboo Organ Church - Las Pinas City

Located in Las Piñas City, Bamboo Organ Church is known for its nineteenth-century pipe organ made entirely from bamboo. The organ, popularly known as the Las Piñas Bamboo Organ, is declared as a National Cultural Treasure of the country.

Bamboo Organ Church

Bamboo Organ Church details

Bamboo Organ Church, also known as St. Joseph Parish Church and also Las Pinas Church, was founded by Augustinian Recollects on November 5, 1795. The construction was started and supervised by Father Diego Cera de la Virgen del Carmen.

Bamboo Organ Church - Las Pinas City

NHI Marker of Bamboo Organ Church
NHI Marker of Las Pinas Church

Bamboo Organ Church Facade

Father Cera was known as a very gifted man. Aside from his inborn leadership skills, he was also known as an artist whose forte was building organs. He was known for the organs that he built for the Manila Cathedral and San Nicolas de Tolentino Church in Intramuros, Manila. In 1816 Father Cera constructed the now famous Las Piñas Bamboo organ and completed the instrument in 1824. Father Cera served as the parish priest of Las Piñas Church until May 15, 1832. He died on June 24, 1832, in Manila.

The oldest bamboo organ in the world

Bamboo Organ Church altar

Like most Spanish churches, Rich people are buried inside churches.

Bamboo Organ Church interior (even the ceiling is made from bamboo)

Although the church was built in an Earthquake Baroque architectural style, the earthquake of 1880 severely damaged the church. Then in 1882, a strong typhoon blew the roof off the church, further damaging the historic bamboo organ. The church was reconstructed in 1888.

Outside Bamboo Organ Church is its museum

You can find the old church bell inside the Bamboo Organ Church Museum

I visited Las Piñas Church during our Las Pinas, Pasay, Manila Visita Iglesia 2013. Obviously what I like most about the church is the historical Bamboo Organ. Given a chance, I would like to play a tune using the organ. However, the path leading to the organ was locked during my visit. (There is always the next time.)

Update: Las Piñas Church was declared as a National Treasure by the National Historical Commission on March 5, 2014.

Team Nicerio visits Bamboo Organ Church during our 2013 Visita Iglesia

Bamboo Organ Church Entrance Fee

It's FREE to enter and explore Bamboo Organ Church and its grounds.

Bamboo Organ Church Mass Schedule

Sunday: 9:00AM - 10:00AM / 10:30AM - 11:30AM

Why visit Bamboo Organ Church?

You should include this church in your itinerary whenever you are on a Visita Iglesia in or around Las Pinas City and the neighboring cities. It still retains its Spanish-era look and feels. Aside from that, you would get the opportunity to see its historic Bamboo Organ and also the artifacts in its museum.

Getting to Bamboo Organ Church:

From Manila, board a bus heading to SM Southmall. Tell the conductor to drop you off at Zapote. Board a jeepney heading for Baclaran (Take note that you should not ride a jeepney with the signboard that says "via Coastal".)

Bus fare: 60 -80 pesos

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  1. very interesting read, thanks :) Is the bamboo organ still functional? It's hard to believe a bamboo garden lasted this long, amazing :)

    1. Hi Lumaca. Thanks for the nice comment. =)
      The Bamboo Organ is still functional in fact it is played during "some" mass or gatherings. =)

  2. We will drop by on the Holy Thursday...

  3. Thanx for this. We're going on Holy Thursday too (today). Hope traffic won't be so bad.

    1. Hey they pal! I hope your Visita Iglesia went well last Thur.


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