Ilocos Norte: Kabigan Falls

One of the must-visit natural attraction of Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte is Kabigan Falls. Found deep in the forest of the province, this 120-foot waterfalls offers visitors a revitalizing allure. 

Kabigan Falls
Visitng the falls is quite challenging, specially if you're on a backpacking tour. Well unless you know Pagudpud like the back of your hand, it would be better to hire a local tour guide to bring you to Kabigan Falls. In case you don't know any, I would highly recommend Kuya Jomar Villaluz. He was our tour guide when we had our Pagudpud road trip. Hence, the memorable and safe trip.

You should look for this sign board
Start of the 30 minute trek to the waterfalls

Photo op on the way

Going up a hill... 15 minutes more!
Going back to our featured destination, keep in mind that Kabigan Falls is included in the Pagudpud North Tour.

The best time to visit the falls is from 11 to 12 noon. If you availed the Pagudpud North Tour, it's highly recommended to have your lunch stopover here. These suggestions are based on several reasons which are:

walking through the thick forest. 10 minutes ETA

Crossing the bridge - 5 minutes left
Photo op before heading to the falls!
A great welcoming view
1. After checking out all those tourist spots in Pagudpud and walking 30 minutes to the falls from the jump off point,  I perceive that you are tired, sweaty, and maybe smelly (hopefully not). A dip in Kabigan Falls would surely relax your muscles.

Order some food before heading to the falls
Enjoy the food!
2. From the jump-off point, there are several carenderias that offer to cook for you using fresh ingredients from their farm. You could wait for the food to be cooked, which is more likely an hour, or proceed to the falls and come back for your food later. (I highly suggest this one)

3. You might want to avoid the hottest time of the day. You could stay in Kabigan falls till 4PM.

Keep in mind that you need to pay an environmental fee of P20 pax. You will also be assigned to an official local guide. These guides are trained in basic medical care.

 Kabigan Falls is great for nature lovers. =)
If you love waterfalls, Kabigan Falls should be in your must-see list. You would surely enjoy its "remoteness" as I did.

Getting there by land: 

There are bus lines that offer daily trips bound directly to Pagudpud. It's an 11 to 12 hour trip, but it sure is cheaper than taking a plane to Laoag City then hopping on a bus to reach Pagudpud.

Getting there by air: 
Most airline companies offer daily flights to Laoag City. From Laoag City hop on a bus bound for Pagudpud. Although this option is quite expensive, this trip would only take 2-3 hours of your time to travel to Pagudpod.

In our case we made sure to hire Kuya Jomar to tour us around Pagudpud. Not only did we save time from commuting, we also had a trusted local who knew people from the places that we've visited.

Overall rating
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  1. Nice, another great post :) I really liked the waterfall, again, never got to see anything like it... You get to see so many crazy things :)

    1. That's true pal. I'm on a trip today to visit new places and taste some unique food to blog about next time. Hope for your support again next time. =)

  2. nature, the colors are gorgeous too romantic

    1. That's true Tigris. This place is very romantic. =)

  3. So beautiful! But since Ilocos is too far from Manila, Pagsanjan falls can be a good alternative =)

    1. That's true however, the boatmen in Pagsanjan charge so much just to paddle you to the falls. =( been there last year but we chose not to continue with the adventure.

  4. hi Neil,
    I've seen your tour on different parts of Ilocos...and it was amazing....
    can you help me by providing your itinerary and the list of your expenses if possible...
    thanks a lot...

    1. HiJheannie! I'll email you my itineraries to Pagudpod, Laoag-Batac-Paoay, and Vigan. =)

  5. Kabigan Falls was definitely one of my favorite falls and a great day for my Pagudpud trip. After a short hike through farmlands and forest I had an exhilarating swim in Kabigan Falls' basin. For another great article about Kabigan Falls I'd recommend you'd visit:

    1. That's really nice to hear. I enjoyed every moment of my visit too.


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