Cebu: Monastery of the Holy Eucharist

Known to the Cebuanos as the "Birhen sa Simala", the Monastery of the Holy Eucharist became a sought after pilgrimage site due to the miracles by the Blessed Virgin Mary that occurred there.
Monastery of the Holy Eucharist

Located in the municipality of Sibonga in the province of Cebu, on first glance, the monastery seems like a Buddhist temple because of its architectural design. However, the monastery is a pure Catholic establishment.
The image of San Miguel proves it's Catholic

Found on top of the Marian Hills, visitors and pilgrims have to climb the countless stairs up to the actual monastery and church.

However, before we check out what's inside the monastery, it would also be best to check out the things to see in its vicinity
Replica of the well of Nazareth
On the left side after the entrance, you would see a bell hanging above a well. They say that the well is a replica of the Well of Nazareth. Most believe that when one throws a coin to the well and it hits the bell before falling in the well. The wish of that person would come true.

The entrance arc. 
You would also see several hilots or local reflexologists offering "healing massage therapies" using olive oil said to be blessed by the Blessed Mary. Aside from that, you would also see rentable cottages in the vicinity. There are also several locals selling amulets, candles, praying cards, key chains, etc.
The first thing you'll see when you go up to the monastery
Now, once you decide to proceed to the monastery, keep in mind to respect the solemnity of the monastery. You might be shocked that the tremendous noise outside is eclipsed by the soft prayers and murmurs of the devotees praying inside the monastery.
The miraculous statue of the Virgin Mary
Church ceiling
It's a common sight to see; persons with disabilities, the terminally ill, broken-hearted people, the jobless, students about to take exams, and even professionals inside the monastery offering prayers to the Virgin Mary. In fact, there are several display cabinets that are filled up with pictures and items from people who experienced miracles done by the Blessed Mary.

The nuns here are really friendly
Letters, pictures, and stuff from people who were helped by the Blessed Mary
The varying colors of the candles are for different intentions
They say when you visit a church for the first time you are granted three wishes. I had that in mind when I visited the monastery.
One of the large statues of Mother Mary
One of my few pictures there. 
Like all first time visitors, I never wasted my time in asking for the three wishes, one of my wishes was to be a millionaire (LOL), next was to marry my girlfriend, and the last was to have a healthy pretty baby someday. 
As of today, only the first wish wasn't answered yet. (It will... soon... I believe.)

Wish come true, meet my baby girl= Antoniela Celestine
Getting there:

Airline companies fly daily to Mactan Cebu International Airport.
From there go to South Bus Terminal. Board a bus going to Sibonga. The conductors know where to drop you when you say you're heading for Birhen sa Simala. Once you board down the bus, ride a motorcycle going to the monastery.

Another option is to go to the van terminal heading straight to the monastery.

bus fare: P70-100 / tricycle fare: P20 -50
van fare: P100 - 200
We rode a van! Cameo role of my beautiful tita.

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  1. çok büyüleyici
    Bir dahaki Kilise gezinde benim için de bir dilek diler misin

    1. Please do visit this monastery. =) You would surely have wonderful experience.

  2. Amazing architecture, it's surprising I've never heard of this monastery before!

    1. =) You see the Philippines is like a treasure waiting to be dug. Hope you could visit this place someday!

  3. Hi Neil, where can i find the terminal for the GT express van? Thanks! :)

    1. Hi there, you can check out the South Bus terminal near E-Mall.

    2. Thanks! we're going to Cebu next month and will definitely visit this awesome place. :)


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