Hiking Mt. Pulag (Ambangeg Trail)

Our adventure today takes us to the highest peak of Luzon. Mt. Pulag is located in the provinces of Benguet with parts found in Ifugao, and Nueva Viscaya. Overall Mt. Pulag is the third highest peak in the Philippines.
Mt. Pulag
The name Pulag was the improved name for pulog, the old name of the mountain, which means bare. This might be because of the shrubs that barely cover its peak.

Welcome folks
Mt. Pulag is one of the most climbed mountains in Luzon. This could be due to the unique beauty and experience that the mountain offers.

Swim in the sea of clouds
Mountaineers have a variety of trails to choose from. The easiest and most used trail is the Ambangeg Trail. Your trailhead is located in Babadak Ranger Station in Bokod, Benguet.

That's Babadak Ranger Station
Inside the ranger station
If you want a much challenging trail Akiki Trail might be the one for you. Your trailhead is located in Barangay Doacan, Kabayan Benguet.

There are other trails that you could also try out like; Tawangan Trail, Eddet Trail, and Ambaguio Trail.

We're heading right!
Different plant life could be found on the mountain

Snack time at Camp 1
You also have the choice to combine the trails that you would use on your ascent and descent of Mt. Pulag. If you want a challenging ascent and a less arduous descent, you might want to use the Akiki-Ambangeg Trail. The combination would be yours to decide, but if you're in a group (which I highly suggest) they would plan all of the details for you.

Camp 2
In my case, the group that I'm in discussed the matters with us. Since most of those who would participate are first-time climbers of Mt. Pulag, the organizers decided to use the Ambangeg trail for both the ascent and descent.

It was 8 degrees and dropping when we reached the peak 
Although we would use the easiest route up the mountain, there is still one tough challenge that we would face once we reach the top -survival.
The Travel League 
Check out the muddy trail going up the peak. 
Our climb was scheduled for the month of December because most of us are teachers who are free during the Christmas break. As we all know December is considered the coldest month of the year. It was no surprise when the temperature on the peak dipped to a freaking 8 degrees. Another misfortune that we encountered is the continuous rain. Our 3-day 2-night plan was cut short to a 2-day 1-night "vigil". Everybody in the group suffered from mild hypothermia. Faced with all these challenges (plus wet clothes and all) we still managed to reach the peak. Afterward, we quickly packed our tents and rapidly descended to base camp.
Let me introduce you to my fellow mountaineers
With Mr. Falcis and Mr, Banaag
with Mr. Madrigal

with Mr. Viernes
with Mr. Banaag
with Mr. Cabuang
with  Mr. Arias, Mr. Falcis, and Ms. Tarape
And the forever alone guy...

Although we almost failed to reach our goal and we encountered several setbacks, we all went home proud that we achieved what few have dared to do and conquer.

Mountain details: 

Height: 2,922 m
Major trailhead: Ambangeg Ranger Station, Bokod, Benguet
Climb Time: 1-2 days
Check out our ride!
Try riding on top of a jeepney!

Getting there:

From Manila, there are several bus companies that offer daily trips directly to Baguio City. 
bus fare: P350-450.
From Baguio City, proceed to jeepney terminal (it would be better if you have a pre-arranged jeepney ride, Keep in mind that the larger your group the smaller your payment share. :p)
Prepare for a grueling 4-5 hour jeepney ride to the Visitors' Center

Enjoy the unspoiled beauty of Benguet! 

Day 0
12:00PM Departure from Manila to Baguio City
bus fare: P350-400

Day 1

6:00AM ETA Baguio City.
6:30AM Board a jeepney to Ambangeg.
9:00AM ETA Visitors' Center. Registration / Orientation
10:30AM Set out for Ranger Station
11:00AM Lunch / Final Preparations
12:00NN Start trek
2:30PM Camp 1
4:30PM Camp 2. Set up camp
6:00PM Bonding time / Prepare dinner
8:00PM Dinner
9:00PM Extra bonding time
10:00PM Off to bed

Day 2

4:00AM Camp 2 to the summit
5:30AM Sunrise at the summit
8:00AM  Descent from the summit
9:00AM ETA Camp 2/ breakfast
10:00AM Break camp/  Descent
12:00NN Back at Ranger; Settle guide fees; jeepney descent
1:00PM Back at Visitors' Center; tidy up and log out
1:30PM Head back to Baguio City
5:30PM ETA Baguio City. Dinner.
6:00PM Head back to Manila
11:00PM ETA Manila

Estimated budget: P4000 all in

Overall rating


  1. ha, another great location. The mountain at the first is awesome. Looks like you meet lots of cool people on your trips as well.

    1. You bet Jeremy. They were very fun to be with. You should try mountaineering sometime. It's great workout!

  2. this is the second time i've seen this online (the other story was via Facebook on the account of a friend who took his jogging troop there). the view you had looks amazing. LOL to the forever alone guy.

    1. I think Mt. Pulag is also featured in Pinoy Explorer this weekend. About the forever alone guy I LMAO to that.

  3. Such a beautiful place! Kudos for the amazing blog entry!

  4. Hi, Your blog is really cool, so many amazing photos and great posts. The picture of the mountain is unbelievably beautiful, I love climbing, how I wish I was in Philippines now!!

    1. Your comment made my day! Thank you so much. I hope you could visit the Philippines soon.

  5. Hi! I enjoyed reading and looking at the pictures! Next month I will climb Mt. Pulag im so excited! Thanks to your bls to your blog! Big help. Please continue to make more blogs i find it inspiring! :)

    1. Thanks Jam! Be safe hiking Mt. Pulag. Pray that the weather permits you to see the sea of clouds! Good luck!

    2. nice blog. we're planning actually this december 16th and 17th we are all girls. :D this helped a lot. coz this is the first time I've seen hike for december.

    3. =) glad my blog helped. =) Thanks for visiting!

    4. Do you think we will be able to see the sea of clouds this december ? :)

    5. There will be a huge chance that you wont. Sorry to disappoint you but the best time to go to Pulag is in Summer. You'd experience a very cold weather though.

  6. Hey there! This seems like fun! Is it possible thou to have a picnic on the summit? :D

    1. Hi there Pay069! Yes you could. =) You should try it out!

  7. Nice blog sir godbless

  8. Hello , I write a blog I , your blog is very enjoyable , I expect to Turkey..
    My bloger ; grilady.blogspot.com.tr

  9. Nice pictures Alvin! Did Mr. Sun smile when you were on the summit? Cause he just smirked on me when I was there. Hihi. Check my blog too. Cheers to more travel!

    1. Hi there Lolla! I checked your blog too. It was great.
      Well,we had the same experience in Pulag. I hope next time I get to see its full beauty para di sayang sa effort. LOL =)

      Love to hear more from you.

  10. Be nice to him Neil.... (forever alone guy!) LOL... Dont cover his face... Glad to see you are still traveling. Meet u again one day haha!

    Its me.


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