Las Pinas City: Nature's Church

Located in Apollo III Moonwalk Village Talon V, Las Piñas City, Nature's Church also known as Mary Immaculate Parish is unlike the Spanish era churches that I have featured in my Visita Iglesia articles. It is due to the simple fact that it was not built during the Spanish era.

Nature's Church
What makes the church unique is its nature-inspired concept. It was believed that more than 40,000 anahaw leaves were intricately woven to form what is considered the biggest anahaw roof in the Philippines. Aside from that flying spirally to the center of the ceiling and illuminating the interior of the church is a flock of 176 capiz lanterns in the form of doves.

The Capiz Doves
The altar, on the other hand, is made from a coral marble slab resting on two madre cacao driftwood pedestals. Behind the altar is the image of the Crucified Christ which is supported by the branches from the nearby 50-year old sampaloc tree.

The Crucified Christ
Church altar
Other than that, the pews and seats inside the church are actually parts of typhoon-felled trees from around the country.  Other than that they also used driftwoods to hang sweet-scented flowering orchids on the church walls.

Chairs are made from rocks and wood
Due to the materials used, the church is in constant danger of deterioration and not to mention New Year celebrations. Just a few years ago, the church burnt down due to some fireworks that fell on its roof. That's why every New Year (actually every day) the people in charge of maintaining the church remain vigilant in case of any accidents or vandalism that might happen.

The anahaw roof
Keep in mind that the church is not the only establishment in the vicinity. Walk around the area you would see the following;

The Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Chapel is found at the back of the sacristy. It is used for small gatherings or even as a substitute church in case of renovations.

Outside the Adoration Chapel
Chapel interior
Chapel Altar
Nature's Cafe is found a few meters in front of Nature's Church. They sell freshly cooked food and refreshing drinks. They also cater for weddings and baptisms.

Entrance to nature's cafe
Also in front of the church is the Souvenir shop that sells religious items and memorabilia.

The Small Souvenir shop

Hidden beside the church is the Ossuary where bones and ashes of the faithful could be interned.

The Ossuary
There's plenty of room in this Ossuary
Like the church, all of the establishments in the vicinity were built in a nature-inspired theme.

Entrance to the church vicinity
This church is one of the few churches that I frequently visit during my Visita Iglesia. I love its ambiance and not to mention the fresh air. However, the problem that I sometimes encounter here, especially of a hot summer day, is the odor coming from the evaporating water of the lagoon. Overall this church is perfect for nature lovers who want to get in touch with their spiritual side.

Getting there:

From Manila, board a bus heading to SM Southmall. Tell the conductor to drop you off at Moonwalk. From Moonwalk, walk to the tricycle terminal and tell the tricycle driver that you're heading to Nature's Church. He knows where to drop you.

bus fare: P45-50
tricycle fare: P10-20

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  1. Nice blog post! I wish I could have caught the sermon :P

  2. i love the concept. it's back to nature. oh, and you're going to be a dad soon! congrats!

    1. My wife gave birth last Feb 1, 2013. =) the picture of my baby could be seen in my Visita Iglesia trip to Sibonga Cebu. =)

  3. gusto ko yan "upuan" concept nila. bawal matulog. hahaha :D

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