Ardent Hot Springs - Camiguin

Found in Mambajao in the island province of Camiguin, Ardent Hot Springs is one of those places in Camiguin that most people tend to visit at night.

Ardent Hot Springs

Ardent Hot Springs Details

A dip in the 40 °C water of Ardent Hot Springs would surely relax your aching muscles, especially after touring the province the whole day. It's a perfect day ender to your day-long exploration of the island. 

Ardent Hot Spring - Mambajao, Camiguin

Gotta enjoy the dip here.

Ardent Hot Springs is open from 6am to 10pm except for Wednesday mornings when the pool is emptied for cleaning. Keep in mind that you have to pay an entrance fee of P30.

This place needs proper lighting.

No offense, but among the springs in Camiguin that I have visited, Ardent Hot Springs would be found at the bottom of the "Best Springs in Camiguin" list. My experiences there were not that applaudable. There are several things that I want the management to look into and act on to give tourists a more enjoyable and memorable experience in their hot springs. Here's a list of the things that tourists would probably comment on negatively:

1. The loud music played in the vicinity would tend to kill the real essence of the hot springs. Most tourists (especially couples) would visit the hot spring at night to relax and not to party. The management should regulate the loud music to just a specific area or they could just have a clubhouse where visitors could rent videokes.

2. The pool area is very slippery (as a matter of fact during my visit, I saw at least five people slip, one of them was my wife who sprained her ankle.) I know that every Wednesday the pool is emptied and cleaned but I hope they consider that it's not only the pool that needs scrubbing.

3. The vicinity is poorly lit giving visitors a higher chance of slipping. Adding a number more lights wouldn't hurt. I know that some would contest that the dim lights give the area a more relaxing atmosphere. Well if that's the case why the loud music? 

4. Lastly, the management should improve the quality of the vicinity. I don't mind paying extra if what I experience is worth a lifetime than pay the entrance fee of P30 only to have my back broken and experience a lifetime of pain and suffering. The management should get inspiration from Japanese hot spring resorts. They should remember that it's all about the ambiance and lasting memory that attracts the visitors.

Most people would slip on that bridge.

Ardent Hot Springs Entrance Fees:

It costs only 30 pesos to enter Ardent Hot Springs.

Ardent Hot Springs Operating Hours: 

Ardent Hot Springs is open from 6AM - 10PM every day.

Why visit Ardent Hot Springs?

Well, regardless of my views and experiences, I still suggest that you try out the hot springs (just be a little cautious when you go around to avoid accidents). Ardent Hot Springs is a site that is favorable for bonding with your barkada /friends (beer and peanuts required).

Getting to Ardent Hot Springs:

Airline companies offer flights to Cagayan de Oro Airport (Laguindingan Airport).

From there ride a van to Agora Market.  From there that will bring you to the Balingoan Port in Cagayan the Oro.

Van fare to Agora: P200

Van fare to Balingoan Port: P150

Board a fast craft going to Benoni Port.

Fast craft fare: P550-750

From Benoni Port in Camiguin, you have a variety of transportation choices. 

(It's a wise choice to haggle first before acquiring someone's services.)

Motorcycle: P400-500 a day

Motorela (tricycle): P800-1000 a day

Multicab: P1500-1700 a day

In our case, we had a prearranged tour. We rented a multi-cab to tour us around the province for two days.

Overall ratings


  1. lol, I never had the pleasure of being in a hot spring. I don't even know if they exist in Canada. Would probably like them. Love hot tubs :)

  2. I guess that's the reason why hot tubs are invented. hehehe. Yellow Stone Park in the US has a notorious hot spring. Several people jumped to their deaths there. Would love to visit it someday. LOL

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