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Cuenca Church - Batangas

Located in Barangay Poblacion 3, Cuenca in the province of Batangas, Cuenca Church is a Spanish Colonial Era Catholic Church found in the heart of the town.  Cuenca Church Cuenca Church History Formally called San Isidro Parish Church ( St. Isidore Parish Church ), Cuenca Church was established in 1879, the same year the town of Cuenca was founded.  Cuenca Church has elements of Gothic architectural style which is evident in its arches and buttresses and arches. Cuenca Church - Cuenca, Batangas A convent was also built sometime in the same year under the supervision of Fr. Guillermo Diez. The convent doubles as a parochial should where the young people of Cuenca learn catechism, reading, writing, and basic arithmetic.  The convent was enlarged in 1898 under the supervision of Fr. Dionisio Ibanez. It was also during his time when the corridors and cemetery were added to the church convent.  Welcome to Cuenca Church Cuenca Church - Cuenca, Batangas Cuenca Church facade Cuenca Chu

Food Trip: G2B Lomi House (Cuenca)

G2B Lomi House (Cuenca) Hey guys!  It's time for another food trip adventure.  Today, we're visiting the town of Cuenca in Batangas to try out one of the best lomi in the province. Join me as we visit and try out the lomi from  G2B Lomi House . Welcome to G2B Lomi House Let's go try out what G2B Lomi House has to offer G2B Lomi House opened on February 10, 2014. This humble restaurant is located at St. Isidore Street, Poblacion 3 in Cuenca, Batangas. Inside G2B Lomi House Before we talk about the restaurant, let's first answer the question " What is a lomi ? ". For those who are unfamiliar with the dish, a lomi is a Filipino noodle dish made using thick fresh egg noodles with ingredients such as either a chick or pork, chopped shallots, minced garlic, shredded cabbage, egg, and salt.  lomi G2B Lomi House Super Double Lomi Since lomi is a well-known dish in Batangas, there have been numerous variations of this dish depending on the place where you'

TJM Tropical Resort - Batangas

Located in Sito Longos, San Felipe, Cuenca in the province of Batangas, TJM Tropical Resort is a private pool resort tucked deep in the forested area of Barangay San Felipe. TJM Tropical Resort TJM Tropical Resort details Registered as Triple J and M Tropical Resort , TJM Tropical Resort  started out as a family vacation house and a farm built around a decade ago. It is not originally for rent. But the owners rarely visit the place. So after a few years, they decided to sell it. Welcome to TJM Tropical Resort Inside TJM Tropical Resort Ella enjoying her first trip outside since the lockdown began. They found it difficult to sell such a big property, so they tried to offer it for a long-term lease in 2017. On an ocular inspection, a prospective tenant asked the owners if they could sublease it daily. After the ocular, the prospective tenant did no push through. So the owners tried to post it on Airbnb for staycations. The owners received positive feedback from the guests and so they de

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