Cuenca Church - Batangas

Located in Barangay Poblacion 3, Cuenca in the province of Batangas, Cuenca Church is a Spanish Colonial Era Catholic Church found in the heart of the town. 

Cuenca Church

Cuenca Church History

Formally called San Isidro Parish Church (St. Isidore Parish Church), Cuenca Church was established in 1879, the same year the town of Cuenca was founded. Cuenca Church has elements of Gothic architectural style which is evident in its arches and buttresses and arches.
Cuenca Church - Cuenca, Batangas

A convent was also built sometime in the same year under the supervision of Fr. Guillermo Diez. The convent doubles as a parochial should where the young people of Cuenca learn catechism, reading, writing, and basic arithmetic. The convent was enlarged in 1898 under the supervision of Fr. Dionisio Ibanez. It was also during his time when the corridors and cemetery were added to the church convent. 

Welcome to Cuenca Church

Cuenca Church - Cuenca, Batangas

Cuenca Church facade

Cuenca Church played an important role in the lives of the townspeople. It served as a sanctuary to the townspeople as things around them changed like the Philippine Revolution, the end of Spanish Colonization, the American Occupation, and the Second World War.

San Isidro Parish Church (St. Isidore Parish Church)

Inside Cuenca Church

Cuenca Church Altar

Cuenca Church interior

Cuenca Church saints room

Cuenca Church side chapel

Cuenca Church pew

At present, Cuenca Church serves the faithful townspeople and pilgrims from other places. It continues to play an important role during the annual town festival held every May 15 in honor of the patron saint of Cuenca - St. Isidore the Laborer.

Cuenca Church grounds

I got to visit Cuenca Church with my wife and daughter last March 2021. It was one of our destinations during our Cuenca-Taal Road Trip 2021

Team Nicerio visits Cuenca Church

We didn't miss out on offering our prayers and also wishing for the end of the current COVID 19 Pandemic that's affecting the world. 

Cuenca Church Admission Fee

It's FREE to visit and explore Cuenca Church and its grounds. 

Cuenca Church Mass Schedule

Cuenca Church Mass Schedule

Why visit Cuenca Church?

Although Cuenca Church does not have a grand facade like many Spanish Colonial era churches in Batangas, it's still one of the historic ones. You should include this in your itinerary if you're on a pilgrimage or in a Visita Iglesia.

Getting to Cuenca Church


From Buendia, ride a bus going to Lemery, Batangas.
Bus fare: 150-200 pesos
Travel time: 2 hours + depending on traffic

Tell the conductor to drop you off at Cuenca town proper. Once there, you walk or ride a tricycle going to the Cuenca Church.




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