Toyotomi Hachimangu Shrine - Hokkaido

Toyotomi Hachimangu Shrine  ( 豊富八幡神社 )  is the main shrine of the town of Toyotomi. It is  l ocated at 1596-2 Kamisarobetsu,  Toyotomi Town in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan . Toyotomi Hachimangu Shrine Toyotomi Hachimangu Shrine details ( Winter Edition ) Toyotomi Hachimangu Shrine was established in 1907. It was said that a wealthy farmer Kano Kusaburo and his younger brother Jigoro Kano from the Kano Clan received a relic from Otokoyama Hachimangu in Kyoto. Toyotomi Hachimangu Shrine - Toyotomi Town, Hokkaido Prefecture After that, with the help of seven volunteers, they founded the Toyotomi Hachimangu Shrine . It started out as a small shrine but through time it slowly improved and was finally moved to its present location midway up the mountain facing Route 40. The main torii as seen from Route 40 Toyotomi Hachimangu Shrine   temizuya Toyotomi Hachimangu Shrine toro (lanterns) Toyotomi Hachimangu Shrine 's komainu The steps leading up to Toyotomi Hachimangu Shrine The view fro

10 Things to Do in Haboro

10 Things to Do in Haboro Haboro ( 羽幌町 ) is a town in the Rumoi subprefecture of Hokkaido. The town's name is derived from the Ainu language, but its origin is uncertain. The name Haboro may have originated from the Ainu word hapuru , meaning "a smooth sound", or haporopetsu , meaning "the basin of a huge river". For those planning to visit the town of Haboro to check what it has to offer, here are the 10 Things to Do in Haboro: Haboro Manhole Cover 1. Take a picture of Haboro’s unique manhole cover . So far, I have seen 1 unique manhole design. There are numerous colored manholes on the streets along Route 747. However, most of them are damaged due to exposure so good luck finding the “most beautiful” one. Haboro Roadside Station   2. Visit  Haboro Roadside Station  ( 道の駅 ほっと♡はぼろ ). It is on the ground floor of the  Haboro Onsen Sunset Plaz a. You can buy souvenirs and also get the Haboro Roadside Station stamp for your stamp collection. You can also eat at th

Haboro Shrine - Hokkaido

Haboro Shrine  ( 羽幌神社 ), located at 6-1 Minamiaodori, Haboro Town in Hokkaido Prefecture, is the main shrine of the town of Haboro. Haboro Shrine Haboro Shrine details ( WINTER ) According to local history, Haboro Shrine was established sometime around 1890 when a dozen fishermen decided to settle in the area. They enshrined Inari Daimyojin in a shrine that they built near the sea to offer prayers for a bountiful catch and also protection when they are out in the vast sea.  Haboro Shrine - Haboro Town, Hokkaido Prefecture Eventually, more and more immigrants moved to the town in the following years since its establishment but the town still did not have an official shrine. They, however, replaced the small shrine with an Ujigami or deities worshipped in temporary altars.  Haboro Shrine Main torii gate Welcome to Haboro Shrine This Ujigami was then moved to its current location in 1933 and was officially named Haboro Shrine a year later making it the official shrine of Haboro. Its

Hokkaido Seabird Center - Hokkaido

The  Hokkaido Seabird Center ( 北海道海鳥センター ) , located at 1 Chome Kita 6 Jo, Haboro Town in Hokkaido Prefecture, is the only facility in Japan that promotes research and a deeper understanding of seabirds.    Hokkaido Seabird Center Hokkaido Seabird Center details ( Winter ) The Hokkaido Seabird Center  ( 北海道海鳥センター ) is appropriately located in Haboro which is a town that prides itself on the seabirds of Teuri Island particularly the ororon bird (common murre).  Hokkaido Seabird Center - Haboro, Hokkaido Prefecture As a matter of fact, the town mascot, Orobo is an ororon bird with a shrimp hat. Dear readers, meet Orobo . Hokkaido Seabird Center entrance A large wooden owl head will greet you when you enter the center.  Going back, Haboro not only prides itself on its seabirds, but the town is also actively and continuously developing environmental education not only for its locals but also for people outside the region. Look at that alcohol dispenser The Hokkaido Seabird Center has

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