Boracay Revisited 2020: Day 2

Boracay Revisited 2020: Day 2 Day 2: February 2, 2020 Good morning guys! Early morning in Boracay Ella's early morning dip It drizzled last night but upon checking the weather forecast for today, I was relieved to see that there's a very slim chance of rain today. Hence, as planned, we had our early morning jog around Station 1 of Boracay's White Beach . After sweating a bit, we decided to take a dip near the famed Willy's Rock . We enjoyed swimming in the cold clean shallow waters for about an hour and a half.  Breakfast at Diamond Water Edge Hotel Time to eat We then headed back to Diamond Water Edge Resort to freshen up before proceeding to the hotel's beachside restaurant to avail of our complimentary breakfast.  Back to the beach for Ella with a newfound friend Ella's lifeguards My wife wanted to have her hair braided first before we go exploring Checking out Station 2 My daughter wanted to swim again after breakfast. My father-in-law accompanied her while

Willy's Rock Revisited 2020 - Aklan

Located on the north-western side of the world-famous  White Beach of Boracay Island in the province of Aklan, Willy's Rock is a unique-looking rock formation that in itself is a well-known landmark of the island. Willy's Rock Willy's Rock details Willy's Rock remains to be the most recognizable natural landmark in the 4-kilometer stretch of White Beach. Some would actually say that from a distance, Willy's Rock looks like a large ragged boat docked on the beach.  Willy's Rock - Boracay Island, Aklan Marian grotto on Willy's Rock The image of the Virgin Mary However, Willy's Rock actually serves as a Marian shrine with a grotto containing the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary on top of the formation nearest the beach. To get to the grotto, visitors can simply walk from the beach up to it via the man-made steps.  From the grotto, visitors would have another vantage point to view the picturesque White Beach .  Photos of Willy's Rock My family and

White Beach - Aklan

Located on the western side of Boracay Island in the province of Aklan, White Beach is a 4-kilometer long stretch of powdery white sand beach. White Beach White Beach Details White Beach is undeniably the most famous beach among the numerous beaches of Boracay Island. For many, White Beach is already synonymous with Boracay. With its beauty, it is not a surprise that the beach already received numerous awards and distinctions from local and foreign bodies like Conde Nast Traveler and TripAdvisor's Traveler Choice Award to name a few.  White Beach - Boracay Island, Aklan White Beach as seen from the plane With that, it is no surprise that roughly around 80% of the businesses on the island are concentrated near White Beach . Visitors would surely have a hard time choosing from the plethora of budget and luxury hotels to stay in, local and foreigner-owned restaurants to dine in, and stores to buy souvenirs. These are all lined up in the three stations of White Beach . Speaking o

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