Ardent Hot Springs - Camiguin

Found in Mambajao in the island province of Camiguin, Ardent Hot Springs is one of those places in Camiguin that most people tend to visit at night. Ardent Hot Springs Ardent Hot Springs Details A dip in the  40 °C   water of  Ardent Hot Springs  would surely relax your aching muscles, especially after touring the province the whole day. It's a perfect day ender to your day-long exploration of the island.  Ardent Hot Spring - Mambajao, Camiguin Gotta enjoy the dip here. Ardent Hot Spring s is open from 6am to 10pm except for Wednesday mornings when the pool is emptied for cleaning. Keep in mind that you have to pay an entrance fee of P30. This place needs proper lighting. No offense, but among the springs in Camiguin that I have visited, Ardent Hot Springs would be found at the bottom of the " Best Springs in Camiguin " list. My experiences there were not that applaudable. There are several things that I want the management to look into and ac

Las Pinas City: Nature's Church

Located in Apollo III Moonwalk Village Talon V, Las Piñas City, Nature's Church also known as Mary Immaculate Parish is unlike the Spanish era churches that I have featured in my Visita Iglesia articles. It is due to the simple fact that it was not built during the Spanish era. Nature's Church What makes the church unique is its nature-inspired concept. It was believed that more than 40,000 anahaw leaves were intricately woven to form what is considered the biggest anahaw roof in the Philippines. Aside from that flying spirally to the center of the ceiling and illuminating the interior of the church is a flock of 176 capiz lanterns in the form of doves. The Capiz Doves The altar, on the other hand, is made from a coral marble slab resting on two madre cacao driftwood pedestals. Behind the altar is the image of the Crucified Christ which is supported by the branches from the nearby 50-year old sampaloc tree. The Crucified Christ Church altar

Cebu: Monastery of the Holy Eucharist

Known to the Cebuanos as the " Birhen sa Simala ", the Monastery of the Holy Eucharist became a sought after pilgrimage site due to the miracles by the Blessed Virgin Mary that occurred there. Monastery of the Holy Eucharist Located in the municipality of Sibonga in the province of Cebu, on first glance, the monastery seems like a Buddhist temple because of its architectural design. However, the monastery is a pure Catholic establishment. The image of San Miguel proves it's Catholic Found on top of the Marian Hills, visitors and pilgrims have to climb the countless stairs up to the actual monastery and church. However, before we check out what's inside the monastery, it would also be best to check out the things to see in its vicinity Replica of the well of Nazareth On the left side after the entrance, you would see a bell hanging above a well. They say that the well is a replica of the Well of Nazareth. Most believe that when one throws

Cathedral of Lipa - Batangas

Located in Lipa City in the province of Batangas, the Cathedral of Lipa is a combination of a religious and artistic beauty.  Also known as San Sebastian Cathedral. It was constructed sometime in the 17th century only to be completed almost a century later.  Cathedral of Lipa /San Sebastian Cathedral Due to its massive size, the church was prone to earthquake damage. To protect the church, it was constructed using hewn stones and tiled roofs. Strong beams and supports crisscrossed its walls to fully support its structures.  This is how the church looked like centuries ago. ( American Army wagons camp in the park in front of the church However, during the Second World War, the cathedral suffered massive damages. Reconstruction began around the 1950s. One of the "treasures" of the church is its grand pipe organ which is built in a baroque style. The pipe is unique, or let's say rare because there are only 59 of its kind found in the Philip

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