Food trip: Teppanya (Evia)

Here we are once again, it's another food trip adventure. This time we visit Teppanya in Evia Lifestyle Center in Daanghari, Las Pinas City.

Teppanya (Evia)

Teppanya Details

Teppanya brands itself as the "House of Teppanyaki". This restaurant prides itself on its wide variety of authentic modern Japanese cuisine. 

Teppanya (Evia) - Las Pinas City

Having visited Japan numerous times and falling in love with its culture, particularly its food, made me once in a while crave whenever I see posts about Japanese food in my social media apps. Hence, while waiting for my next trip to Japan, I'm always in constant search for restaurants that serve authentic Japanese cuisines here in the Philippines.  

Teppanya: The House of Teppanyaki

Welcome to Teppanya (Evia)

Team Nicerio tries out Teppanya

Inside Teppanya

Luckily, there are plenty of restaurants like that in my area. For today, the highlight of my food trip is Teppanya in Evia Lifestyle Center. I got to eat in Teppanya several times already and I gotta say, most of their cuisines really do bring my taste buds back to Japan. I'm proud to say that I'm a big fan of their Nigiri sushi and sashimi collection. Not to mention the Hokkaido oysters and scallops, and of course their signature Chef's special roll. 

There are other notable dishes that you should try our like the following:

Teppanya Kani Salad

California Maki and Salmon Sashimi

Teppanya Sushi and Sashimi Selection

Aburi sushi

Usuyaki Beef

Aburi Sushi and Salmon Sashimi

Ebi Tempura

Cheesy Hokkaido Oysters

Salmon Skin Roll

Angus Striploin

Maguro togarashi (spicy tuna) and Tuna Sashimi

Shrimp Teppan

Saba and Salmon Sushi

Salmon head

Usuyaki Beef Roll

Hokkaido Scallops with Cheese 

Banana Flambe

Honestly, despite dining in Teppanya several times, I am still unable to taste everything on their menu. If I do, I'll update this article and tell you about that experience. 

Our chef prepares the Flambe Citrus Roll
Our chef prepares the Flambe Citrus Roll

Angus Beef

Chahan Fried Rice

Now let's talk about the rates. Let me get this straight, for the quality of their dishes, it will not be a surprise that the prices here, particularly ala carte will cost a fortune. 

Teppanya Evia Unlimited Madness rates

Teppanya Ala Carte Rates

Luckily, they offer a promo called Unlimited Madness which can be availed only for groups with a minimum of 4 people so make sure to gather your best buddies before heading to Teppanya

Unlimited Madness Rates:

Lunch - 1088+ pesos / person
Dinner - 1188+ pesos / person
Holiday - 1188+ pesos / person

These prices are subject to change anytime, so if you want to double-check, here's their contact number 
☏ (02)77539164
🕿 09338539607

Awesome friends + great food = Unforgetable experience

Thank you to the Camasuras and the Chings for the invite

So what are you waiting for? Let's go to Teppanya and enjoy their sumptuous meals. 


  1. I ate there once and it's a bit pricey but it was worth it. My family enjoyed it.

    1. I'm happy that you and your family enjoyed dining at Teppanya. =)


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