Japan Diaries 4: Weekend 27

Weekend 27: May 7 - 8, 2022

Day 187: May 7, 2022

Saturday - Sakura Illumination

Good morning everyone, It's getting a bit warmer already. As a matter of fact, it's 19 degrees outside. The warmest I have experienced so far. My wife cooked a Filipino-ish breakfast consisting of rice, bulad, egg, and hotdog plus salad on the side. 

Check out our breakfast for today 😍

After breakfast, we headed out to have our big blanket washed at a coin-operated washing machine at a laundry shop near MaxValu. Since this laundry shop is near the department store, it was not a surprise that we went grocery shopping while waiting for the blanket to be washed. We also went to Shimamura to buy some things for our apartment.

Looking for a coin-operated laundromat to wash our blankets

Coin-operated laundromat in Minamimachi

We picked up the blanket and headed back home a little past lunch. Speaking about lunch, since we ate a lot for breakfast we skipped lunch and had some snacks instead. 

Thank you Ikuko-san for driving us to Kamuiwa Park

That afternoon, Ikuko-san picked us up and drove us to Kamuiwa Park for the Sakura Illumination 2022 event in the park. The other ALTs were also there with us to experience the event. 

Team Nicerio revisits Kamuiwa Park

The theme for this year is "Sakura no Oka in the 21st Century" or 21st Century Cherry Blossom Hill. The event is organized by the Urban Environment Department - Urban Development Division with the cooperation of the Rumoi Branch Youth Division of the Dohoku Electric Works Cooperative Association. 

They installed lights to illuminate about 30 Ezoyama cherry trees along the garden road which extends from the parking lot of the park to the golf course until the campsite area.

Night picnic at Kamuiwa Park with the other ALTs

It was a fun bonding time for us. The other ALTs brought and shared their bento meals for a picnic. Sadly, it drizzled which prompted us to wrap up our picnic and move somewhere dry and warm.

De Javu

We ordered some tea

Looks good and tastes good as well

My wife seems to enjoy her time at Deja Vu

We headed to Deja Vu which is a coffee shop located at 2 Chome-5-17 Kaiuncho in Rumoi City. It was a great place to hang out as it was warm and the place has a great ambiance too. I ordered coffee but was a bit envious of those who ordered tea as their tea looked and smells great. 

We bid each other goodbye at around 9:30PM. Ikuko-san drove us home to wrap up the day. 

Day 188: May 8, 2022

Sunday - Family Bonding X Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! The weather was great today. Regardless, my family and I decided to just stay at home to rest and bond.

Wrote an article about the Moekko Free Ticket.

My wife cooked binagoongan and it reminded me of the warmth of the Philippines. After lunch, I spent the time crafting an itinerary for an overnight trip to Asahikawa next week. It's a special trip as it is our 10th-anniversary trip.

Binagoongan and pritong talong

Before calling it a day, we watched the 2021 film Infinite which was surprisingly a good film.

Overall, we were able to have another opportunity to bond with friends this weekend and also visit a new place in Rumoi City. In a way, it makes us excited about what other things we'd experience here in the future. See you guys!

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