Japan Diaries 4: Week 28

Week 28: May 9 - 13, 2022

Day 189: May 9, 2022

Monday - Rumoi

Good morning everyone! It's a big day for Filipinos today as it is election day. In a way, I'm happy that the toxicity on Facebook would finally be reduced after this day. Well, I hope...

Rumoi High School 5/9/22

As for me, I'm back at Rumoi High School today. It is also my first time working with Sengoku-sensei

Here's my workload for today:

Paper Architect with Matsuda-sensei @ 3-46

1st period - Laughter Therapy @ 3-35 of Matsuda-sensei
2nd period - Place I want to visit @ 3-2 of Sengoku-sensei
3rd period - Paper Architect @ 3-46 of Matsuda-sensei
4th period - Place I want to visit @ 3-1 of Sengoku-sensei

Day 190: May 10, 2022

Tuesday - Rumoi

It's a special day for our family as it is my dad's birthday. Happy birthday Papa!

Congratulations BBM! Praying for peace and prosperity under your administration

As for the Philippine news... The Philippine presidential election results are out and it was an overwhelming win for Ferdinand "Bong Bong" Marcos. He will be the 17th President of the Philippines after his inauguration on June 30. I do hope that he continues the projects of President Duterte and improves on the things that he fell short on. May there be unity under his presidency.  

Rumoi High School 5/10/22

Now going back to today's diary entry, I'm back at Rumoi High School, and here's my workload for today

2nd period - Philippine Festivals @ 2-2 of Hidaka-sensei
3rd period - Transportation in the Philippines @ 2-345 of Teruhiko-sensei
5th period - Place I Want to Visit @ 3-2 of Sengoku-sensei
6th period - TED Talk Ban Shigeru @ 3-46 of Matsuda-sensei

That afternoon, I biked going to Asuka for our Rumoi English Chat Club. On the way, I had a brief stop at Rumoi Shinkin Bank to withdraw money for our Asahikawa trip on Saturday. 

Biked to Asuka for the Rumoi English Chat Club

Rumoi English Chat Club

During the chat club, we talked about various things since it's an open topic.

Day 191: May 11, 2022

Wednesday - Rumoi

Rumoi High School 5/11/22

Today is my last day in Rumoi High School for this week as I will be out visiting schools starting tomorrow. Today is also the first time that I got to work with Kowaka-sensei

Here's my workload for today:

1st period - Jiko Shokai @ 1-36 of Kowaka-sensei
2nd period - Laughter Therapist @ 3-46 of Matsuda-sensei
3rd Period - Jiko Shokai @ 1-45 of Kowaka-sensei

Engan Bus Ticketing Office 

During the lunch break, I biked to Engan Bus Ticketing Office to buy my supply of Moekko Free Tickets for March. The tickets sold are now the 14th Season Moekko Free Ticket.

Moekko Free Ticket 14th Season

That afternoon after work, my family and I went out for a walk. We headed to Docomo to inquire about the mobile data plan for my wife. 

Dinner at Sukiya Rumoi

I ordered gyudon and miso soup with Teshio clams

From there, we went to Sukiya for dinner. It was heartwarming when an elderly couple talked to us when they heard us speaking in a foreign language. The obachan asked us where we were from and upon hearing that we are from the Philippines, she said that we are always welcome in Japan. Her husband also said Marcos is number one (probably referring to his win in the Philippine presidential election). 

Grocery at COOP

Half-price produce at COOP

After dinner, we walked back home to wrap up the day but did a quick stop at Coop to buy some bread. We were amazed to discover that they were all half-priced the same goes for cooked food and sushi. That only meant that the quick stop became full-on grocery shopping. 

Day 192: May 12, 2022

Thursday - Embetsu

Embetsu Agricultural High School 5/12/22

Today is my third visit to Embetsu Agricultural High School for the school year 2022 - 2023. For this visit, I used my 2-day Moekko Free Ticket

Here's my workload for the day:

3rd period - Introducing Embetsu @ 2nd year advance of Sasaki-sensei
4th period - Introducing Embetsu @ 2nd year basic of Sasaki-sensei

Biked to C-Restaurant

Happy birthday Kiaya

Here's my order for today

That afternoon, when I got back to Rumoi City. I biked to C Restaurant for Kiaya's birthday dinner. Like Joshua's birthday, the members of the Rumoi English Chat Club were also there to celebrate with us. 

Day 193: May 13, 2022

Friday - Tomamae

Tomamae Commercial High School 5/13/22

Today is my 3rd visit to Tomamae Commercial High School for the school year 2022 - 2023. I used my 2-day Moekko Free Ticket for this visit. 

Here's my workload for today:

2nd period - Intransitive and Transitive Verb @ 2nd year of Hasegawa-sensei
3rd period - Friday the 13th @ 3rd year of Hasegawa-sensei 

That night, we finalized our luggage for our trip to Asahikawa tomorrow. We also didn't stay up late as we'd catch the first bus to Asahikawa Station. 

Overall, I got to visit Rumoi High School, Embetsu Agricultural High School, and Tomamae Commercial High School this week. I'm looking forward to what this weekend has to offer. 

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