Kamuiwa Park Sakura Illumination 2022

I got to visit Kamuiwa Park (神居岩総合公園) for the first time with my family on May 4, 2022. Three days later, we returned to see the Kamuiwa Park Sakura Illumination 2022 event. 

Kamuiwa Park Sakura Illumination 2022

Kamuiwa Park Sakura Illumination Event details

Although not as large or popular as those in Tokyo and Osaka, the Kamuiwa Park Sakura Illumination event in Rumoi City, Hokkaido, is a way for locals to welcome spring after a long, cold (and sometimes brutal) winter, for which the city is famous.

Rumoi City
Kamuiwa Park Sakura Illumination 2022 - Rumoi City, Hokkaido Prefecture

The theme for this year is "Sakura no Oka in the 21st Century" or 21st Century Cherry Blossom Hill. The event is organized by the Urban Environment Department - Urban Development Division with the cooperation of the Rumoi Branch Youth Division of the Dohoku Electric Works Cooperative Association. 

Photos of the Kamuiwa Park Sakura Illumination event

They installed lights to illuminate about 30 Ezoyama cherry trees along the garden road which extends from the parking lot of the park to the golf course until the campsite area. The Kamuiwa Park Sakura Illumination Event ran from May 7th (Saturday) to May 8th (Sunday) in Reiwa 4 (2022). The trees Ezoyama cherry trees were illuminated from 7PM to 8:30PM on the said days. 

Thank you Ikuko-san for driving us to Kamuiwa Park

My family and I with our friends from Rumoi City visited Kamuiwa Park on the first day of the event. As mentioned, the event was not that big and its highlight was only the illuminated sakura trees. Regardless, we enjoyed the beauty of the illuminated Sakura trees and also the cold weather of Rumoi City.

The Backpack Adventures visit Kamuiwa Park for the Sakura Illumination 2022

Our first sakura illumination in Japan

We stayed for about an hour at Kamuiwa Park during the Kamuiwa Park Sakura Illumination 2022. Aside from admiring the illuminated trees, we also had a picnic near the pond while watching visitors come and go in the illumination area. Here are my two cents though, I hope that the organizers set up food booths and also invite some local bands so that more people would be enticed and interested to come to see the event. If this happens, I wouldn't be surprised to see this become a well-known event in and around Hokkaido in the future. 

Kamuiwa Park Sakura Illumination Event Rates

It's FREE to enjoy the Kamuiwa Park Sakura Illumination event. Parking is also FREE

Why experience the Kamuiwa Park Sakura Illumination Event?

As mentioned, the Kamuiwa Park Sakura Illumination event might not be as big as the others in different towns but it's a way for the locals of Rumoi to showcase the beauty of their own city. So, if you're in the city during the event, please take time to experience it. 

Getting to Kamuiwa Park

The best way to reach Kamuiwa Park from the city proper is by car. However, if you don't have one then you will have to walk 3.3 kilometers eastward from JR Rumoi Station to the park. It will take about 40 -50 minutes.




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  1. I just read your article about Kamuiwa Park so I have a picture of how it looks like in the morning. I'm surprised that it's equally beautiful at night.

    1. I had the same thoughts. =) Please do visit Kamuiwa Park if you happen to be in Rumoi City.


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