Japan Diaries 4: Weekend 10

Weekend 10: January 8-9, 2022

Day 68: January 8, 2022

Saturday - Rinku Park

Good morning! Today is my first full day here in Osaka Prefecture. It is a beautiful day today. Mr. Toshi told me that the two of us will be heading out to eat breakfast.

Breakfast at Aloha Mai

Breakfast with Mr. Toshi

We ordered Aloha Mai's breakfast meal set

From Mr. Toshi's house, we drove for a few kilometers to a familiar place. Aloha Mai is a cafe where we had breakfast on the 21st day of our 2018 Japan Trip. This cafe was memorable as its owner Tanaka-san once graced us with his koto playing skills during the said visit. 

We also tried the coconut caramel crunch coffee and the black sesame chiffon

We ordered the morning set and I also tried the coconut caramel crunch coffee and the black sesame chiffon which are both best sellers of Aloha Mai. What I loved about this visit aside from the food was that Mr. Toshi and I had a lengthy chat with the owner about his business and his hobbies. He even let me in on some of his trade secrets like what coffee brand he uses or who makes his delicious chiffon cakes.  

Enjoying the view from Mr. Toshi's place while resting

After breakfast, we headed back home to rest. That afternoon, we headed out again. This time, with Ms. Taeko, Karin, and the family dog Yomo. We drove to Rinku Park, located at 1-271 Rinkuoraikita, Izumisano City. It is a large park near Kansai International Airport. It was a perfect place to go strolling and also have picnics. Just to share, it's my first time visiting Rinku Park.

Rinku Park

Kansai International Airport Bridge

Aeon Mall Hineno

Karin enjoyed her time playing in the mall

Kumatori Manhole Cover

We strolled around Rinku Park and took numerous photos. Karin and Yomo enjoyed the day out. Before going home, we stopped at AEON Mall Hineno to buy groceries. I also took this opportunity to buy some winter clothes for work. We didn't stay long though as Mr. Toshi was going to cook his specialty for dinner. I dubbed this dish the Kameyama Sukiyaki. This dish is something that I always look forward to when I visit Japan, as a matter of fact, whenever this is served I feel that the day is special.  

Kameyama Residence

Mr. Toshi making his signature dish

Kameyama Sukiyaki

As usual, Mr. Toshi and I had our nightly chats. After which, I did not miss the opportunity to take a dip in the hot tub. Overall, I had a fulfilled day today which made me look forward to the next bonding moment with my family. 

Day 69: January 9, 2022 

Sunday - Massage in Kaizuka City

It's another beautiful morning, we were supposed to go out today but I have a master's class for my MBA 101 class before lunch. Hence, we had to cancel our trip today. Sadly, due to technical issues, the class did not push through as well. 

Good morning from Tsubasagaoka!

Kaizuka City Manhole Cover

Oda Orthopedic Clinic in Kaizuka City, Osaka 

Inside Oda Orthopedic Clinic

When classes were officially canceled, Mr. Toshi and I drove to Oda Orthopedic Clinic in Kaizuka City, Osaka where he and his family reserved massage services. I also wanted to have my left shoulder blade checked and massaged as I have felt discomfort there ever since I arrived in Rumoi City. After the initial interview, I was advised to undergo an electric massage. Thank God for my health card, I did not spend any single yen. 

We checked AEONBike in AEON Mall Hineno

After the massage, we went to Aeon Mall Hineno to canvass how much a new bike is for Ryo, and then also bought lunch before heading back home so that we can rest and relax. 

I bought sushi for our lunch

That afternoon, since there were no plans, I decided to stroll around the neighborhood like I usually do whenever I'm at Mr. Toshi's place. It was quite nostalgic as the last time I walked around this neighborhood was with my wife a few years back. 

Here are some photos of my solo walk around Tsubasagaoka:

That night, as much as I wanted to have our late-night chats, I wasn't able to as I felt so drowsy. It's probably the effect of my muscles being relaxed during the massage. Overall, today was literally my rest and relaxation day (R&R). I fell asleep right after lying down in bed. When I woke up, it was already morning. 

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