Japan Diaries 2: Day 21

Day 21 June 6, 2018

Kobe Day Trip

This is it! Our last full day in Japan. The rainy weather today perfectly symbolizes what we feel... We were cold and gloomy aside from that we were crying inside as we still wanted to stay longer with our Japanese family.

Breakfast at Aloha Mai Cafe


Here's my order.

Mr. Toshi uplifted our spirits by inviting us to his favorite cafe to have breakfast. Just a few minutes' drive away was Aloha Mai Cafe, a Hawaiian inspired cafe which serves (in my opinion) the best coffee in Osaka.  I tried out the coconut caramel crunch coffee and true enough it has an outstanding superb task. 

Aloha Mai is owned and run by a single guy who fell in love with Hawaii. He is quite talented in playing Hawaiian inspired music using his koto-like musical instrument. He even gave us a little demonstration which made our breakfast even more memorable. 

The first destination for this rainy trip is Kobe Maritime Museum

Walking past a replica of HMS Rodney

Checking out the miniature model displays of the maritime museum

HMS Rodney

Just as expected, the rain did not stop Mr. Toshi from bringing us to another must-visit place in Japan. After breakfast, he drove us to Kobe City in Hyogo Prefecture. It was really great to revisit this city again. Our first stop for today's Kobe trip was Kobe Maritime Museum which houses a replica of HMS Rodney and numerous other miniature models of ships and maritime vessels. 

Next stop...Kawasaki Good Times Museum

Checking out the timeline of Kawasaki Good Times Museum

How I wish I can own one of these

Ella enjoying the simulation game

Here's more of the interactive displays of the museum

Housed in the same building was the Kawasaki Good Times World which showcases the history of the Kawasaki Heavy Industries. It showcases several products of the company like motorcycles, trains, and even a helicopter. There are also plenty of interactive displays here that kept my young daughter entertained. 

Heading to Kobe Port Tower

Kobe Port Tower

Rainy day in Kobe City

Exploring the observation area of Kobe Port Tower

Checking out the view

You could see Kobe Port and the Mosaic mall from here...

... as well as the Kobe Maritime Museum

Still rainy, heading back to the car.

Off to our next destination...

After enjoying both museums, we then walked to the nearby Kobe Port Tower. We failed to go up the tower during our first visit so we made sure that we did it this time. From the top, one would surely enjoy a panoramic view of the city and Osaka Bay.

Strolling in Mosaic 

The Anpanman Children's Museum

Explored the Anpanman themed stores...

...and restaurants

Our day didn't end there though, we then drove to Mosaic so that Ella could try out the Anpanman Children's Museum and Mall. However, I found it too pricey so we skipped the museum and explored Mosaic instead and bought some souvenirs and some gifts to give our Japanese family. 

It's lunchtime!

Tonkatsu for me

Kiddie meal for Ella

Finally, before our drive home, we had dinner at Tontontonkatsu Restaurant (yup that's the name of the restaurant) were obviously we ordered tonkatsu. 

Look who we met before going home...

Overall, despite the rainy weather, we managed to have an adventure-filled day. The great breakfast at Aloha Mai and our museum tour in Kobe City really made us forget the sadness brought by the fact that we'd already leave Japan tomorrow.

Regardless, tears still fell that night wishing tomorrow would be longer.  On the other hand, we also accepted the fact that our 22-day stay in Japan really has to end so that we could plan our next big adventure.


  1. Japan is lovely, seeing this photos just makes me want to go right now. Great post

    1. Thank you! Please do visit Japan if you have a chance. =)

  2. It looks like you had a wonderful visit. I understand how you did not want the trip to end. Thank you for sharing your experiences and the beautiful photos.

    1. That's true Janet. I have always wanted to stay longer in Japan. Given a chance I'd live there for a year.

  3. Wowowow! I'd love to go to Japan someday and it looks like you hit up a few really interesting spots! I was really interested in your breakfast at Aloha Mai - As someone who also loves Hawaii, it's really cool that there's a whole restaurant run by a guy dedicated to the state!

    1. Imagine... a Hawaiian breakfast in Japan. That's one for the books. Please do visit Japan when you get the chance.

  4. This day seems so balanced between good food, museums and shopping. Favorite of the day?

  5. Great post!!! I look forward to seeing more!!

  6. I’ve always wanted to visit Japan! Maybe Mr. Toshi can show me around aswell? :)

  7. Anpanman used to be the show I always watched when I was a kid, didn't know they had a museum!

    1. First time to discover it as well. Hahaha. =) I'm looking forward to see Ghibli Museum and Conan museum if there's one.

  8. Such an interesting post and awesome culture! I can't wait to go there and visit all those amazing places. Thank you for the review

  9. That koto like musical instrument is very interesting

  10. I have been to Osaka but never to Kobe. They have very cool museums. I smiled when I saw the breads with faces in them, a signature of Japan.

    1. Oh the bread is Anpanman inspired. =) They taste nice too. =)

  11. Wow. I didn't know Kobe is also a beautiul place.

  12. I love Tottori! So glad you made your tour full and enjoyable at Hyogo. You have the best guides there,too!

    1. Sadly I haven't reached Tottori yet but hey I would also love to see those sand dunes. =)

  13. You had such a happy time. I can understand how you feel sad. Good luck for future adventures.

    1. Thank you Bindu. I hope to visit Japan again this year for Japan Diaries 3. =)

  14. uhh yes Japan, one of my favorite places that I'm planning to visit in the future! (hopefully)
    Keep it up man 👍

  15. Everything looks awesome. My daughter is planning a trip to Japan with her friends for next year. I am sharing this post with her.

  16. this place is beautiful tell me more about kobe

    1. Please do click on the links to discover and learn more about the places that I have visited in Kobe. =)

  17. My husband would love to visit Japan one day! I'd love to share your pictures and experiences with him to inspire his journey.
    *Samantha- https://herjournal.blog

  18. It is so neat to see all these pics from Japan! Great work!

  19. What an amazing trip!! I need to travel here!

  20. Hawaii in Japan? Yes please! Kobe seems amazing, it truly is bittersweet to leave a place you've traveled to and have learned to love

    1. That's true Honeybunnytwee. =( How I wish we could have stayed longer here.


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