Japan Diaries 4: Day 65

Day 65: January 5, 2022

Wednesday - Otaru Day Trip

Today is probably one of the highlights of my Winter Break Vacation. For today's itinerary, my Filipino ALT friends and I will be traveling to the historic city of Otaru

We ate Pinoy breakfast before heading out.

Waiting for the train to Otaru in Sapporo Station

Speaking of history, today is also the first time that we woke up early and left home early. From Batch's place, we left a little before 8AM and did the usual walk to Takuhoku Station. From there, we rode the Gakuentoshi Line to Soen Station before transferring to the Hakodate Line to Otaru Station. The trip was more or less an hour and a half long and cost us 1130 yen each. 

The Backpack Adventures in Otaru Station

Otaru Station's Welcome Bell

Upon arrival, we did not miss the opportunity to ring the Otaru Welcome Bell and take photos with it. We also made sure to get brochures and sample itineraries in the Otaru Tourist Information Center inside the station and of course, I also got my eki stamp there. 

Lunch at Burger King in Otaru Station

Otaru Station

Before leaving Otaru Station, we decided to have lunch at Burger King there. I bought the 500 yen set meal which composes of a Whopper, fries, and soda. 

Former Otaru Branch of Yasuda Bank

From there, we walked towards Otaru Canal via Chuodori Street. We had several stops to take photos of several historic and unique-looking structures like the Former Otaru Branch of Yasuda Bank and the Thriller Karaoke Music House Otaru. 

Canal Plaza Tourist Information Center 

Inside Canal Plaza Tourist Information Center 

We also went to the Canal Plaza Tourist Information Center located at the far end of Chuodori Street. We got some good photos inside the establishment not to mention some souvenirs and a stamp for my collection. 

The Backpack Adventures visits Otaru Canal

Otaru Canal was just a pedestrian cross away from there. Upon crossing the street we found ourselves at the Chuo Bridge which presents one of the most famous views of the canal. We took dozens of photos and videos there of course. 

Outside Nitadori Museum

We followed the walkway along the riverbank to Asakusa Bridge. After snapping some more photos, we crossed the pedestrian lane to Nichigindori Street where we passed by the Former Otaru Branch of Hokkaido Takushoku Bank which is now Nitadori Museum.

Sakaimachidori Street 

We proceeded south to Sakaimachidori Street where we saw numerous preserved and repurposed buildings like the following:

Otaru Music Box Museum Sakaimachi

Mitsuishi Manhole Cover inside Rishiriya Minoya

Rishiri Manhole Cover inside Rishiriya Minoya

Kitaichi Venezia Museum

Inside Kitaichi Venezia Museum

  • Former Takasaburo Natori Store now Otaru Taishou Glass Palace
  • Former Motosaburo Kaneko Store
  • Former Iwanaga Clock Store now Rishiriya Minaya
  • Former Hokkai Millet Company is now a Handmade Glass Store
  • Former Kyosei Co. Ltd. now Otaru Music Box Museum
We also saw a plethora of restaurants, museums, and souvenir stores like the following:
  • Nishikiya Saito Fresh Fish
  • Marimokori Mascot Standee
  • Museo Delarte Veneziana/ Kitaichi Venezia Museum
  • Sakimachidori Street Tourist Information Center (Where I got another stamp)
  • LeTao
We did not miss out on exploring the Otaru Music Box Museum as it was one of the spots featured in the 2017 film Kita Kita. You can check out some of our pictures there:

Otaru Music Box Museum

Inside Otaru Music Box Museum

The Backpack Adventures inside Otaru Music Box Museum

After visiting and exploring the Otaru Music Box Museum, we doubled back to the same road that we took and were greeted by a now-illuminated Otaru Canal. The illumination made the canal look magical; we fell in love with it for a second time. 

Sakaimachidori Street at night

Otaru Canal with friends

Otaru Canal at night

From Otaru Canal, we walked back to Otaru Station via Chuodori Street. Halfway to the station, we decided to eat dinner at KFC. It has been almost 3 months since I last ate fried chicken from KFC. That's why I suddenly missed my family while eating.

KFC Otaru

The Colonel in Otaru

Enjoying our dinner at KFC in Otaru

Back at Otaru Station. Time to go back home.

After dinner, we continued our walk to Otaru Station and then boarded the train to Sapporo Station before transferring to the Gakuentoshi Line and going to Takuhoku Station. Overall, our Otaru Day Trip was by far my favorite as I'm a sucker for historic structures and museums. I would definitely visit again. 

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  1. It's nice that you have some cool friends to spend winters with.

    1. It's just a one time thing though but yes they are very cool. =)


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