JR Tower Observatory T38 - Hokkaido

JR Tower Observatory T38 (JRタワー展望室タワー・スリーエイトoccupies the top level of the JR Tower and gives a magnificent panoramic view of Sapporo City. It is located at 2-5 Kita 5 Jonishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo City in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan.

JR Tower Observatory T38

JR Tower Observatory T38 Details

Opened on March 6, 2003, JR Tower is 38 stories high and stands 173 meters tall. It is currently one of the tallest buildings in Sapporo. The tower is connected to the east side of JR Sapporo Station. Although JR Tower refers to all the commercial facilities of Sapporo Station, this article will only focus on the JR Tower Observatory T38.

JR Tower Observatory T38 - Sapporo City, Hokkaido Prefecture

As mentioned the JR Tower Observatory T38 occupies the topmost floor of the JR Tower. It has an unobstructed 360-degree view of the beautiful city of Sapporo and the vast lands of Hokkaido beyond. The observatory tower is also one of the most popular spots to see the nighttime view of the city. 

The hallway to JR Tower Observatory T38

Admission Ticket and brochure for JR Tower Observatory T38

Lego diorama of JR Tower Observatory T38

JR Tower Observatory T38 compared to other skyscrapers 

Aside from the beautiful view, JR Tower Observatory T38 is also one of the best places to chill and drink coffee. You read that right! T'Cafe is also located on the 38th floor. They offer a wide variety of coffee and drinks that are reasonably priced. You can sip this while enjoying the fantastic view. It's highly recommended. T'Cafe is open from 10AM -11PM.


JR Tower Observatory T38 coin souvenirs

You will surely love the view while you are doing your thing

Beside the cafe is the T'Shop. It's a small shop that sells souvenirs and other merchandise. There are also toilets here that are worth checking out as these also have amazing views of the city. 

The South - West corner of JR Tower Observatory T38

The North-West corner of JR Tower Observatory T38

Speaking of amazing views, here is what you'd see out the windows of each direction of the tower. 

North View

North View - On a clear day you would see Otaru in the distance.

South View

South View - You'd see Mt. Moiwa on your right and the Sapporo Dome on the left.

East View

East View - The railway would dominate your view but on a clear day you'd see Mt. Yubari and Mt. Ashibetsu 

West View

West View - You'd see Maruyama, Okurayama, Sankakuyan, and Teireyama. In the center, you'll see the Hokkaido University and Botanical Garden. 

Explored JR Tower Observatory with Batch and Flora

I visited JR Tower Observatory T38 with my Filipino ALT friends last January 3, 2022, during my 10th week here in Japan as an ALT under the JET Programme. Originally, our plan was to get to Mt. Moiwa for the nighttime view of the city but upon checking the live video on the peak, we were disheartened to find out that the view of the city was obstructed by the clouds. That's why naturally we opted for the next place with a high vantage point and that is the JR Tower Observatory T38

The Backpack Adventures visits JR Tower Observatory T38

Overall, it was actually a good idea. The temperature outside was -5 degrees so being inside a warm place while enjoying the view was worth the admission fee. 

JR Tower Observatory T38 Admission Fee

Adults - 740 yen
Junior and Senior High Students - 520 yen
Children 4 years old and older - 320 yen
Infants 3 years and younger - FREE

JR Tower Observatory T38 Operating Hours

JR Tower Observatory T38 is open from 10AM - 11PM daily.

Why visit JR Tower Observatory T38?

If you are looking for a place to get an amazing nighttime view of the city, then you should visit this place. You won't need to leave Sapporo Station to enjoy the view of Sapporo City.

Getting to JR Tower Observatory T38

From Sapporo Station, walk towards the northern part of the station. There would be signs pointing you towards the elevator to ride up going to the 6F where the elevator to the 38F is located. 

Here are more detailed instructions on how to reach the 38F. Please click this 👉LINK👈. Heads up it's in Japanese.




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