Japan Diaries 4: Weekend 1

Weekend 1: November 6-7, 2021

1st weekend as an ALT in Rumoi City

Hey guys! I'm sharing with you how my first weekend here in Rumoi went. Read on and find out how I spent my first weekend here in Rumoi City in Hokkaido Prefecture. 

Day 5: November 6, 2021

Saturday - 1st Weekend in Rumoi City

Good morning everyone! 

It's my first weekend here in Rumoi City. I woke up at around 7AM and the temperature is about 9°. When I looked outside it seems like it going to rain, so I went back to bed to get an extra hour of sleep. When I woke up at around 8:30AM, it was already raining as expected. I took the opportunity to do my laundry. I also continued unpacking my stuff from the other suitcase that arrived last November 2. It was already after lunch when I finished with my tasks. Since the sun was already up during this time, I informed my wife that I'm planning to buy a bike based on our discussed plans a few days back to which she agreed. 

Bought my bike at サカエヤプラスワン(Sakaeya +1)

I walked to サカエヤプラスワン(Sakaeya +1), a bike shop recommended by my JTE, to buy a bike. There were numerous types of bikes in the shop including mountain bikes and Japan's famed mamachari but I fell in love with the light blue foldable bike which my daughter would later name Basky. 

Meet my bike, Basky.

Although my initial plan was to bike around Japan, I think dismantling the front wheel every time I bring it with me on a train would be much of a hassle so I chose the foldable bike. All in all, I spent 29,947 yen. This includes registration and the GoPro bike mount. 

Met the new Haboro ALT - Victoria

Shopping at Homac

From Sakaeya +1, I pedaled across town to Homac to buy items that I need for the house like pillows, trash bags, shoehorns, etc. On my way there, I met the new Haboro ALT Victoria and her family walking around town. Upon arriving home, I made sure to video call my wife and daughter before calling it a day.

Day 6: November 7, 2021

Sunday - Rumoi High School Wind Orchestra Regular Concert 

I woke up to a very rainy Sunday. However, unlike yesterday, it seems like the rain won't stop anytime soon. Thankfully, I did not plan any activity today because I'm going to attend court today.

Thank you Motoyama Sensei for the ticket

One of my JTEs Motoyama Sensei gave me a ticket for Rumoi High School Wind Orchestra Regular Concert held in Rumoishi Bunka Center. I was planning to bike or walk there depending on the weather conditions but luckily my supervisor Kutsumi Sensei offered a ride to the venue which I gladly accepted.

Inside Rumoishi Bunka Center

Excited to see the Rumoi High School Wind Orchestra perform

The concert was really memorable and some parts of it made me cry. Seeing students from my school perform this well really made me proud to be part of Rumoi High School

Waiting for the concert to start

Rumoi High School Wind Orchestra Regular Concert 2021

It was getting dark when the concert ended and it was still raining thankfully Kutsumi Sensei drove me back home. I rested a bit before taking a dip in the hot tub and after that, I called my wife and daughter to talk about how their day went. Just in time, a delivery from Mr. Toshi arrived.

Receive a package from Mr. Toshi

Perfect! Thank you Mr. Toshi for the electric blanket

They say time flies when you enjoy something and true enough, it was almost midnight when we finished. Well, that wraps up my first weekend here in Rumoi City, See you next week!

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