Ogonmisaki Seaside Park - Hokkaido

Located in 2 Chome Omachi, Rumoi City in Hokkaido Prefecture, Ogonmisaki Seaside Park (黄金岬海浜公園) is one of the best destinations to view the beautiful sunset of Cape Ogon. 

Ogonmisaki Seaside Park (黄金岬海浜公園)

Ogonmisaki Seaside Park details

Ogonmisaki Seaside Park is also called Ogonzaki Seaside Park or Ogonmisaki Kaihin Park. This park can be found in the northwestern part of Rumoi City a few kilometers from the famed Rumoi Golden Beach

Ogonmisaki Seaside Park - Rumoi City, Hokkaido

As mentioned above, Ogonmisaki Seaside Park is one of the best destinations to view the sunset. As a matter of fact, it is selected and listed in the "Japan Sunset Best 100" by the NPO Association of Township Building Sunrise and Sunset in the Japanese Islands. 

Cape Ogon as seen from Ogonmisaki Seaside Park

The word ogon means "golden" in Japanese. According to some locals, Cape Ogon got its name because back in the day, herrings used to gather by the thousands near the cape to spawn. The light of the setting sun would reflect on their scales creating a magical golden hue. 

Ōgonzaki hatō no mon

黄金岬 波濤の門

Ogon Cape and Ogonmisaki Seaside Park

Today, despite the dwindling population of herrings in the area, the sunsets seen in Ogonmisaki Seaside Park remain to be one of the most beautiful in Japan. Speaking about the park, it's good to note that some of the pebble tiles have images of marine life commonly seen in Cape Ogon. 

黄金岬 波濤の門 - Ōgonzaki hatō no mon

Ogonmisaki Seaside Park during winter

I visited Ogonmisaki Seaside Park for the first time during my bike trip around Rumoi City during the 2021 Cultural Day holiday (November 3, 2021) here in Japan. You can read more about that bike trip in my article Japan Diaries 4: Day 2.

Ogonmisaki Seaside Park Rates

It's FREE to enter and explore Ogonmisaki Seaside Park. Parking in the nearby parking lot is also free. 

Ogonmisaki Seaside Park Operating Hours

Ogonmisaki Seaside Park is open 24/7 but it's best visited early in the morning or late in the afternoon when the sun is about to set. Also, the restaurants near the park are closed during winter.

Why visit Ogonmisaki Seaside Park?

Ogonmisaki Seaside Park offers visitors a magnificent view of the sunset. It's best visited during the summer because the restaurants near it are open but if you happen to pass by during other seasons, it's still worth checking out. 

Getting to Ogonmisaki Seaside Park

From JR Rumoi Station, you need to walk for about 35 minutes to reach Ogonmisaki Seaside park. 

Another option is to go to ride the Rumoi City Suburbs Line Course A at the Rumoi Station Square 2 Platform and then board down at Omachi 2-chome platform. From there, walk towards Umi no Furusatokan and down the road beside it to reach Ogonmisaki Seaside Park. However, you need to wait for the bus using the bus schedule. Here's the 👉LINK👈.

Bus Fare: 220 yen
Travel time: 30 minutes




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  1. I saw a link from your latest post. I'm shocked at how Ogon Misaki looks like during winter.

    1. That was my initial reaction too. I was surprised with how much snow there was in Ogonmisaki Seaside Park during winter.


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