Hato no Hito - Hokkaido

Hato no Hito (波灯の女) is a bronze lighthouse located at 1 Chome Omachi, Rumoi City, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan. It also acts as a symbol of the Rumoi Port.

 Hato no Hito (波灯の女)

Hato no Hito description

As previously mentioned, Hato no Hito does not only serve as a beacon to safely guide ships going into the Port of Rumoi it also serves as a symbol of the port. 

Hato no Hito - Rumoi City, Hokkaido

Although designed to look like a miniature Statue of Liberty, Hato no Hito would also remind you of The Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen, Dream (statue) in Iwaya Bus terminal in Awaji City, Hyogo Prefecture in Japan, and also the Nagasaki Peace Statue in Nagasaki, Japan.  

Hato no Hito

Hato no Hito stands 6.58 meters tall and was first lit on July 16, 2007. At night, Hato no Hito's light flashes every 3 seconds. It's also good to note that this lighthouse has a solar panel which provides its power. 

Photos of Hato no Hito:

Here are the light specs of Hato no Hito:

Luminous Intensity - 14 candela
Light reach distance - 2.5 nautical miles

The Backpack Adventures visits Hato no Hito

I visited Hato no Hito during my bike trip around Rumoi City during the 2021 Cultural Day holiday (November 3, 2021) here in Japan. You can read more about that bike trip in my article Japan Diaries 4: Day 2.

Hato no Hito entrance fee

It's FREE to visit Hato no Hito and explore the area around it. The parking fee is free as well. 

Hato no Hito operating hours

Hato no Hito is open 24/7

Why visit Hato no Hito?

Although there's nothing much to do around Hato no Hito, it's still considered a landmark of the city. If you are fond of fishing then you can fish in the area for free. Some would visit to view Rumoi Port in the afternoons. I do wish that the area be improved in the future as it has great potential for tourism. 

Getting to Hato no Hito

Hato no Hito lies 2.1 kilometers northwest of Rumoi JR Station. It takes roughly about 25-30 minutes by foot to reach it and 7 minutes by car. You can ride a taxi from the station but that would cost a lot of money and is not recommended. 

Another option is to go to ride the Rumoi City Suburbs Line Course A at the Rumoi Station Square 2 Platform and then board down at the Minatomachi 2-chome bus stop. From there, follow Route 22 down the hill towards Rumoi Port Office (北海道開発局 留萌開発 建設部 留萌港湾事務所). Hato no Hito is a few meters away. However, you need to wait for the bus using the bus schedule. 
Here's the 👉LINK👈.

Bus Fare: 220 yen
Travel time: 30 minutes




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  1. What an interesting looking lighthouse.

  2. We have the same bike. I don't suggest using that for long distance trips. I got ass bumps because of the poor suspension.


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