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Mount Kongo Ropeway - Osaka

Updated: July 2020 - Operation Suspended Due to Covid19

Located in Chihayaakasaka Village, Minamikawachi in Osaka Prefecture in Japan,  Mt. Kongo Ropeway金剛山ロープウェイMt. Kongōsan Rōpuwei ) is an aerial tramway that transports visitors to Mount Kongō and back.

Mt. Kongo Ropeway

Mount Kongo Ropeway History

The ropeway is 1,323 meters long and gives a commanding view of Mount Kongō, Kansai International Airport, and Osaka Bay. It is owned by the village government and the line operation is entrusted to Gourmet Kineya. (Yup a restaurant company). 

Mt. Kongo Ropeway

The ropeway terminal at the lower side of Mt. Kongo

Got me a ticket!

You can buy tickets from these dispensers

Inside the ropeway terminal

The ropeway up close

All aboard!

The other terminal is just beyond that mountain!

Here's what it connects

The line opened in April 1966 and has since given convenience for tourists who wanted to visit Mount Kongō. With the ropeway, the usual 1 to 2-hour hike is dramatically reduced to a 6-minute ride. There are two tramway cabins and each cabin has a capacity of 46 passengers. 

Say hi!

Check out the view!

Ella checking out the beautiful scenery

Mount Kongō Ropeway is very memorable for me and my family because it's the first time for us to ride such type of transportation. Aside from that, our eyes feasted on the beautiful sceneries that we could see while riding the aerial tramway.

Almost there!

Reached the ropeway station up the mountain!

Given another chance, I would like to bring my daughter back to Mount Kongō when she's older, so she could appreciate it better.

The station on top of the mountain

Check out how thick the cables are!

Going! Ella looks sad though. She wanted to stay longer

One of the two cable cars probably sent to pick up the other guests on the mountain

A nice view of the surrounding places

The ropeway terminal at the foot of the mountain

Mt. Kongo Ropeway Fare:   

Adult (Junior high school students and older)
One-way: Y720
Round-trip: Y1,340
Children (elementary school students and younger)
One-way: Y360
Round-trip: Y700 

Mt. Kongo Ropeway Operating Hours:

Mt. Kongo Ropeway is open from 9AM to 5PM every day.

Here are the contact details

Why ride the Mount Kongo Ropeway?

Mount Kongo is Osaka's highest peak. Mount Kongo Ropeway gives seniors, kids, and people with disabilities the chance to go up the mountain (but not necessary to the peak). This ropeway is also perfect for those who want to do a quick visit up the mountain

Getting to Mount Kongo Ropeway:

Ride a Nankai Railway Koya Line (Rinkan Sun Lin) then transfer at Kawachi Nagano Sta. to Nankai Bus bound for Mt. Mount Kongō Ropeway-mae and go to the last stop. 


Ride a Kintetsu Railway Nagano Line, transfer at Tondabayashi Sta. to Kongo Bus bound for Chihaya Ropeway-mae and go to the last stop.

Driving? Just follow the directions.

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  1. This is such a fun activity that I have always wanted to try

  2. I did not know about a rope way options in Osaka. This is a great find. Lovely photos and views.

    1. Thanks Ketki. There are plenty of ropeways in Osaka. =)

  3. Fear of heights has kept me from going on something like this. I'm not sure I could face that!

  4. Wow, this ropeway looks so cool. I can only imagine how mesmerizing the view must be from there. Amazing!!!!

  5. wow, thats a long cable carting. In montreal we have one but its not that long.

  6. This is a full guide to Mt. Kongo Ropeway goers. Really helpful.

  7. Japan is on my bucket list to visit. will try this when I go there!

  8. That little girl is so brave! I can't imagine myself in that thing. I just don't like height.

    1. My daughter is really adventurous. =) Probably got that train from me. Hahaha

  9. I appreciate the post, I will be helpful when I visit Osaka. That looks like a beautiful mountain ride.

  10. Wow. I had read about Osaka a bit, but had no idea there was such a beautiful ropeway too. Loved the views from there! Nice post!

  11. what an amazing view! We love cable cars!

  12. Lovely place! I really want to experience to ride a cable cars!! Mt. Kongo Ropeway. looks like perfect place :)

    1. Yes it is. =0 You should try this one out when you visit Japan.

  13. This looks amazing. I wish that I will ride on this...

  14. Seems adventurous. Though I would be scared to death because of the height

    1. hahaha. Don't worry this ride will be worth your time.

  15. I wanted to try this but then i realized i'm not comfortable on heights ;).

  16. Nice pics and very good outing with family. Definitely, the kids would appreciate when they grow up and start to absorb.

    1. I agree. I believe that memories are the best gift to children.


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