Aklan Adventure: Boracay Island

Our adventure today takes us about 315 km southeast of Kilometer 0 in Manila. Boracay Island is one of the major attractions of the province of Aklan. It is famous for its palm-fringed white sand beach that stretches for more than 3 km.

Boracay Island Details

There are only two things that you should know about Boracay Island. First, it's better to visit during the off-season months which is July until November because that is the time when airfare and lodging are cheapest. Second, Boracay Island's famous white sand beach is divided into three stations. Take note that Station 1 has the most expensive but beautiful resorts, Station 2 is nearest to all the restaurants, and Station 3 has less expensive hotels and lodging. 

The Backpack Adventures visits Boracay Island

During our stay there last 2012, we preferred to rent a place in Station 2, in that way we are near both Station 1 and 3. Aside from that, we would also be near most of the restaurants and bars which are mostly situated in Station 2.

Boracay Island
Welcome to Boracay!

There are plenty of things to try and buy in Boracay Island. However, exercise caution in purchasing or acquiring services from peddlers on the beach. If your planning to shop for expensive products make sure that you get an official receipt to ensure the quality of your stuff. If your planning to try out the activities offered, be very vigilant, don't give down payments to peddlers who would give you the tour on a later date. Instead, ask your hotel or resort if they offer the same activities. Usually, they offer the same things but sometimes much cheaper than the one offered on the beach.*

*For Filipinos always ask for the "Filipino price" if you're going to avail of the said activities.

Getting to Boracay Island:

Airline companies fly daily to Caticlan and Kalibo.
Keep in mind that Caticlan is nearer Boracay Island but airfare is most likely very expensive. Kalibo, on the other hand, is further but the cost of airfare is cheaper.

From Caticlan: Take a three-minute tricycle ride going to the jetty port. Board a fast craft or a pump boat going to Boracay Island.

From Kalibo: Take one hour and a half land trip on a van or a bus going to the jetty port. Board a fast craft or pump boat going to Boracay Island.

Places to visit in Boracay Island:

White Beach

Willy's Rock

Crocodile Island


Jony's Fruit Shakes

Other places to visit in Boracay Island:

1. Mt. Luho
2. Bat Cave
3. Puka Beach
4. Dead Forest
5. Crystal Cove
6. Butterfly Gardens
7. Baling Hai Beach
8. Kar-tir Shell Museum
9. Diniwid Beach

Activities to do in Boracay:

Eat a Chori Burger

Watch the beautiful sunset

Take pictures

Swim and Snorkel

Watch a fire dancer perform and feel the nightlife

Boracay food
Buy and eat different kinds of seafood

Go celebrity hunting

Other activities to try out in Boracay:

1. Golf
2. Diving
3. Get a tan
4. Reef Walk
5. Flying Fish ride
6. Banana boat ride
7. Get a henna tattoo
8. Parasail or windsurf
9. Paraw cruise or Jet ski Port
10. Beach volleyball or Frisbee
11. Drive an ATV or ride a horse
12. Jump from a cliff at Ariel's Point
13. "15 Shots and Still Standing" challenge at Cocomangas


1. Skin cancer by applying your most trusted sunblock.
2. Dehydration by drinking plenty of water.
3. Overspending by listing down your expenses.

Boracay Itinerary: (Manila-Kalibo only)

Caticlan Jetty Port Terminal

8:30AM Departure from NAIA to Kalibo International Airport
airfare: P ------ 
9:20AM ETA Kalibo International Airport
9:30AM Departure from Kalibo to Caticlan Jetty Port Terminal
Choose between the two:
van: share with others= P100; alone*=P1000+

*(haggle first before boarding)

jeep: P60
11:00AM ETA Caticlan Jetty Port
11:20AM Departure to Boracay Island
11:45AM ETA Boracay Island
12:00NN Lunch 
Lunch budget: P500
1:00PM Check-in* 
*Hotel prices vary. Check this website for a choice of resorts and hotels...
Boracay Hotels
1:30PM onwards: your budget is your limit.

Estimated Budget for 2 days: P5,000- 8,000*
*Since Boracay has lots of things to offer the budget list would take me a year to accomplish. Let's just say that your budget is your limit. Enjoy!!! 


Overall Ratings


  1. great sunset photo. i won a free airfare and hotel in boracay. just waiting for the schedule.

    1. Wow! Really! I'm quite envious. I wish I could visit Boracay again anytime soon.

  2. Can't wait to visit Borocay, looks absolutely beautiful. One day soon, the Philippines awaits us!

    1. Hope to one day see your pics in Boracay sir Robert.

  3. Boracay, indeed, is one of the best places for adventure, for fun, and for relaxation. Anything you can wish for is almost in Boracay.

  4. Looks like you really had a wonderful time in Boracay beach ! Next time, you should try other outdoor activities like parasailing, kayaking, zorb, jet ski and island hopping. This place is indeed the place for ultimate vacation!

    1. HI Rita! We plan to do that next time we visit Boracay. We weren't able to do so during our first visit because my wife was pregnant. =) Thank you so much for the info.

  5. Can't wait to visit Boracay in December. Good thing, I already got a Boracay packages deals in www.boracaygo.com. It would be my first time on the island and I'm very excited. :)


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