Hiking Pico de Loro

Our adventure today takes us to the highest point in the province of Cavite. Pico de Loro is located in the town of Maragondon with some parts found within the boundary of Batangas province.

The mountain was named by the Spanish sailors who once passed by the coast of Cavite on their way to Manila Bay. They named the mountain Pico de Loro which means Parrot's Peak because of the striking similarity of the rock tower found on the peak to that of a giant parrot perched on the forested mountaintop. 

Me at the jump-off point
I'm proud to say that Pico de Loro was the first mountain that I have conquered. Though I couldn't say that my first climb was perfect (due to some blunders that happened and the rainy weather) I could still say that I enjoyed it and it instilled in me my adventurer spirit.
You see lots of different insects along the way
Same goes to the different flora 

Careful now"

You'd also cross a few streams
Forested trail
Foggy morning to you guys!

Off to the monolith

I had fun with you guys!
From the jump-off point going to the peak, the trail is mostly covered with trees. There is also a route that you could follow to the summit. Unluckily for me and my friends we got lost on some part of the mountain due to the stone markers placed by a prankster. Eventually, we managed to trace our route and reach the summit. We stayed there for a night before heading home the next day.

Pico de Loro Peak
Pico de Loro rock tower
Another fun thing to do before you head back to the DENR base camp is to take a bath in Pico de Loro's waterfalls. The water is cold and refreshing. It's a good place to relax your aching muscles.

Pico's Waterfalls

Here are some important things to keep in mind and remember before trying to conquer Pico de Loro:

Mountain details:
Height: 664 m
Major trailhead: Magnetic Hill, Ternate, Cavite
Climb time:3-5 hours depending on your pacing

Getting there:

Turn left from here!
From Lawton, board a bus plying to Ternate Cavite. From Ternate, there are jeepneys(if you're in a group) or tricycles(if you're alone) that you could hire (make sure to haggle) going to the DENR registration site*. The route you'll take is quite isolated and there are only a few houses or vehicles that you could see along the way. Remember that you would pass by Puerto Azul's entrance. From there keep an eye out for the DENR signs along the way. The DENR registration site is located on your left side. Don't miss it or else you'll end up in Caylabne Bay Resort.

*Ask the driver if he knows the place if not, don't hire him!

1. Skin cancer by applying your most trusted sunblock.
2. Dehydration by drinking plenty of water.
3. Getting lost by joining an experienced group.
4. Injury and accidents by following your group leader.
5. Malaria or Dengue by applying mosquito repellent.

DENR registration site

Itinerary Day Hike:

4:00AM Boarding time at Lawton
Saulog bus fare: P100-150
7:00AM ETA Ternate Cavite; rent a jeep or trike
transportation budget: P100
8:00AM ETA DENR registration site
registration fee: P20
8:30AM or earlier Start trek
11:30AM (depending on your pacing) summit + lunch*
12:00NN decent to DENR registration site
3:00PM ETA DENR registration site; take a shower*
shower at DENR: P20 (optional)
3:30PM Departure to Manila
tricycle fare: P100-150
bus fare to Manila: P100-150
7:00PM ETA Manila
*pack your own lunch

Budget Breakdown:

Estimated Budget: P1000
Bus fare to Ternate: P100 
Jeep or trike rent: P100* 
*This is just an estimate; I went here with my group, therefore, transportation fee is divided equally.
DENR registration fee: P20
Trike fare to the bus stop: P100*
*This is just an estimate; I went here with my group, therefore, transportation fee is divided equally.
Bus fare to Manila: P100

Optional expenses:
Shower at DENR: P20
Pico de Loro shirts: P250 

Total expenses: P450

Note: If you're planning to climb Pico de Loro, try to do it with friends. Keep in mind that with a good company there is safety and of course shared expenses.
Overall ratings


  1. Making a wrong turn can make for a better story anyway. : )

    1. That's right David. =) It's quite tiring though hahaha.

  2. is this the highest mountain of the province of Cavite???

    I love the first pic, it brings back memories of our day hike . (Naakyat nyo ba yung rock cliff?)

    1. Hi roselyn, Yup eto ang pinakamataas sa Cavite. =)

      Yung parrot's peak eh a bit in accessible ngayon kasi luma na and madulas ung tali. The issue was brought up to the DENR office. I hope by now pwede ba ulit akyatin. =)

  3. hi!we'll be hiking on pico this thursday..march 28..dba hussel n 1day lng hiking?thanks po!

    1. Hey flo! If your group could manage it then why not.
      However if majority of the group are newbies, I suggest you go for an overnight trip. =)

  4. and if u read this ahead of time please,please send me an sms sir (09255991392)...if u don't mind po..thank u so much!God bless!

    1. Ok I would try to send you an SMS. Good luck on your climb!

  5. Helpful budget and IT. Excited to see Pico de Loro nextweek! :)

  6. Sounds interesting! I wanna experience that...


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