Silang Church - Cavite

According to local folklore, Silang Church miraculously appeared overnight in the quiet town of Silang. Researchers, on the other hand, believed otherwise. They said that the church was probably constructed through forced labor or polo y servicio sometime in 1585.

Silang Church

Silang Church Details

Silang Church - Silang, Cavite

Silang Church is considered one of the oldest in the province of Cavite. It is located in the municipality of Silang. The church is also known as the Our Lady of Candelaria Church or Diocesan Shrine And Parish Of Nuestra Señora de Candelaria.

Silang Church NHI Marker

Silang Church facade

One unique feature of the church is its multi-leveled wooden altar. The altars' beautifully carved wooden platform houses the numerous carved images and statues of Jesus, Mary, and other countless Catholic saints.

Beautifully made multi-tiered wooden altar

The retablo as seen from inside the main entrance

Side retablos of Silang Church

The engraved church altar

Carved images and statues of saints

Silang Church is one of the towns' popular tourist and pilgrimage destinations. It's been visited by thousands of pilgrims every year. 

The candle chapel outside the church

We visited Silang Church for the first time during our 2012 Cavite - Batangas Visita Iglesia

When I visited Silang Church for the first time during our family's annual Visita Iglesia, I was actually expecting a very quiet provincial-like atmosphere. However once I entered the town proper, I was astonished to see how up and busy the townsfolk are. The town is quite urbanized (minus the malls and airports) by my standards. The only remnant of the past, which I was expecting, would be the old church in the heart of town. Though it was Holy Week when we visited, I was shocked to see that the church was actually closed and only the side entrance near the altar was accessible to the pilgrims. The church was also empty except for a handful of tourists taking pictures of its interior. However, despite the small number of visiting pilgrims and local devotees that day, I still believe that the town's people of Silang were highly devoted due to the fact that there was a huge number of flower offerings and lit candles. Maybe I was just late for the church schedule that day.

Silang Church Fees

It's FREE to enter and explore Silang Church grounds. However, it wouldn't hurt to give donations to the church when you visit. 

Silang Church Operating Hours

Silang Church is open from 8 AM to 4 PM. It's closed on Mondays.

Why visit Silang Church?

Silang Church is the town's main pilgrimage site. It's visited by hundreds if not thousands of people annually. If you are a Catholic, this church should be in your list when you are doing your Visita Iglesia during the Holy Week. 

Getting to Silang Church:

From Manila- board a bus to Nasugbu and tell the conductor to drop you off at Sisters of Mary School.
bus fare: P80 -100

From Baclaran- board a bus traveling directly to Silang.
bus fare: P80 -100

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  1. Hey Neil, Great pictures as always. Looking forward to more updates.

    1. Howdy David! Thank you so much!!! Comments like this keeps me motivated to work harder on my blogs. =)

  2. Great photo of the old church... :)oh the Carved images and statues of saints must have taken ppl long time to do that buy hand. That is cool.

    1. Thank you so much for the positive comment Maam Christine!


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