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Aklan: Crocodile Island

Located at the other side of the famous white sands of Boracay Island in the province of Aklan, Crocodile Island is a small uninhabited island that from a distance looks like a sleeping crocodile.

Crocodile Island
So what's unique about Crocodile Island aside from its distinctive shape? Nothing really, actually tourists are not supposed to set foot on this rocky island.

My sister and brother join the fun!
The secret lies not on the shrubs or the sharp rocks of Crocodile Island but in the waters around it. Believe it or not, the waters around the island is one of the best places to snorkel or dive in Boracay Island.

Going around Crocodile Island
My 6-month preggy wife joins the fray
No wonder most tourists choose the area around Crocodile Island for their diving or snorkeling expeditions, I found out for myself that the area was actually brimming with marine life. To make your adventure more memorable, take a chance to bring some breadcrumbs. This bread is surely manna for the fishes. Schools of fish would surely approach you because of your treat. Thus you would experience a close encounter with some of the colorful creatures around. Some fishes are actually so used to visiting tourists that they are already the ones who would approach you begging for bread. Sadly, I don't own an underwater camera to document what I see below the surface, but trust me it's beautiful down there. (I was actually looking for Sponge Bob but realized he lives in Bikini Bottom.)

Thumbs up!
When we visited the waters around Crocodile Island, we made sure to arrive there very early. Lucky for us though, the currents that day were not that strong and we managed to fully enjoy our adventure.

Patrick showed that first-timers could really rock!
Aya overcame her fear. (If she had one)
If you're planning to snorkel around Crocodile Island, I suggest that you coordinate with the resort you're staying in. They could even arrange a tour for you with Crocodile Island as one of the places in the itinerary.

Ask me how I felt during this adventure.
You could also ask my wife what she could say about the adventure.
Riding back home
Getting there:

Airline companies fly daily to Caticlan and Kalibo.
Keep in mind that Caticlan is nearer Boracay Island but airfare is most likely very expensive. Kalibo on the other hand is further but the cost of airfare is cheaper.

From Caticlan: Take a three minute tricycle ride going to the jetty port. Board a fast craft or a pump boat going to Boracay Island.

From Kalibo: Take a one hour and a half land trip on a van or a bus going to the jetty port. Board a fast craft or pump boat going to Boracay Island.

Overall rating


  1. Looks awesome, reminds me of swimming home on Millers Pond.

    1. I guess you would have to post a blog about that pal. =) I want to see that. LOL

    2. Hey, how come you can't go on the island is it sacred?

    3. The thing is the island is rocky and the small bancas can't approach it. You could go there but you have to swim towards it. Aside from that the rocks are usually sharp.

      They say only the foolish attempt such adventure. LOL
      I wanted to do that though. hahaha

  2. Replies
    1. Hahaha Sadly I wasn't able to catch any single fish.

  3. you have not eaten crocodile island :)))))

  4. oooh this sounds awesome! would love to go there someday! I love snorkeling! (or goggling as i like to call it, teehee since i always use goggles instead of snorkels :)

    1. That's true! Would love to see you on a snorkeling/ goggling adventure near crocodile island. If in case you did please post some pictures. =)


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