Ilocos Norte Adventure: Pagudpud, Bangui, Burgos

Our adventure today takes us about 560 km north of kilometer 0 in Manila. Pagudpud is the northernmost municipality of Luzon Island. It is well known for its white-sand beaches and pristine crystal-blue waters. That's why to most people Pagudpud is just another beach destination but little do they know this place has a lot more to offer.

Pagudpud arc

From Laoag City, Pagudpud is a mere one to two hour bus ride away. During my first visit to Pagudpod, I left Laoag City in the afternoon after touring it and the nearby towns around it. (see: Ilocos Norte Adventure: Laoag City, Batac City, Paoay) It was already dark when we reached the meeting place that we set up with our local guide Kuya Jomar. He drove us to our Kapuluan resort and we spent an hour discussing the tour itinerary for the next day.  

Kapuluan Resort

with Kuya Jomar
During our briefing, I learned that the guides usually divide the tour into two. These two tours are called, Pagudpud North tour and Pagudpud South tour. They do this because of the great distance one has to travel to get from the tourist spots in the north to the ones in the south. Pagudpud North tour covers all the tourist spots found on the northern part of Pagudpud until the ones near the boundary of Cagayan province. Pagudpud South tour covers all the tourist spots found "inland" of Pagudpud including some tourist destinations in the town of Bangui and Burgos. 

It might be wise to discuss the places to visit and trim the list down to a handful so that you won't be rushing around. Take time to admire the beauty of one place before you venture to the next. 

These tours cost P600 each. Therefore if you're trying to save up, you could choose to avail of only one of the said tours. However, it's best to avail both because as an adventurer, half an adventure is never an adventure.

Getting there by land: 

There are bus lines that offer daily trips bound directly to Pagudpud. It's an 11 to 12 hour trip, but it sure is cheaper than taking a plane to Laoag City then hopping on a bus to reach Pagudpud.

Getting there by air: 

Most airline companies offer daily flights to Laoag City. From Laoag City hop on a bus bound for Pagudpud. Although this option is quite expensive, this trip would only take 2-3 hours of your time to travel to Pagudpod.

Places to visit in Pagudpud North Tour:

Blue Lagoon
Bantay Abot Cave

Timmantang Rock

Patapat Viaduct

Paraiso ni Anton

Agua Grande Picnic Park
Other places you might want to visit:
1. Saud Beach

Places to visit in Pagudpud South Tour:

Kabigan Falls
Bangui Windmills

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse

Other places you might want to visit:  

1. Kapurpurawan Rock Formation - Burgos


1. Skin cancer by applying your most trusted sun block.
2. Dehydration by drinking plenty of water.
3. Overspending by listing down your expenses.

Itinerary from Manila:
8:00PM Departure from Manila
bus fare: P600-700 
6:00AM ETA in Pagudpod; meet up with Kuya Jomar
6:30AM Start tour
tour rate: Pagudpud North tour P600; 
7:00AM Blue Lagoon
8:00AM Bantay Abot Cave
8:30AM Timmangtang Rock
9:30AM Patapat Viaduct
10:00AM Paraiso ni Anton
10:30AM Agua Grande
entrance fee: P20 pax
11:00AM Start tour
tour rate: Pagudpud South tour P600
12:00AM Lunch near Kabigan Falls
lunch budget: P500
1:00PM Kabigan Falls
environmental fee: P20; required local guide:P100
2:00PM Bangui Windmills
3:00PM Cape Bojeador Lighthouse

4:00PM onwards

Option 1: Have an overnight stay in Kapuluan Beach Resort
overnight rent: P2000
Option 2: Go back to Manila
bus fare: P600-700

Budget Breakdown:

Estimated Budget: P5000

Bus fare Manila - Pagudpud: P600
Pagudpud North Tour: P600
Agua Grande entrance fee: P20
Pagudpud South Tour: P600
Lunch Budget: P500
Kabigan Falls fee: P20
Kabigan Falls local guide: P100

Option 1: P2000

Option 2: P600\

Total expense: 

Option 1 P4440
Option 2 P3040

Overall rating


  1. Haha, I wish I could join you guys for an adventure. I told my self I'd stop in and check another post, I'm glad I did. I told my friend about the blog, would be cool if he checked it out! He's big into history, and geography.

    1. Thanks pal! You're really a friend. =) More power to you Jeremy!

  2. good for you that you had that photo at the viaduct. i missed visiting that spot when i did my ilocos region tour a few months ago.

    1. =) I would post another article about the viaduct. =) I bet you'd want to visit it again soon.

  3. Hi! Your blog is very informative. May I ask for the bus liner you took from manila and contact number pls. If it wouldn't be too much to ask, pls email it to me Thank you! God bless!

  4. Hello po, May I kindly post my affordable tour package(ilocos, baguio, anawangin,calaguas)ads here in your reputable blog?
    Please check our facebook page at:
    Contact numbers: 09362946145 ; 09103704189. Thank You, more power to you and God bless :)

    1. No problem kuya! As long as libre ako eh! hahaha. Just kidding!
      To all the followers of the Backpack Adventure please check out lakwatserong.oragon for your travel needs! Thanks!

  5. Hi neil..!

    ask ko lang sana if meron ka bang ma-ssuggest na inns or transcient houses na pwede for a group of 5.. this may kasi we're planning to visit pagudpod.. pero since limited ang budget namin.. gusto namin sana na group kami sa 1 room.. balak kasi namin unahin ang pagudpod since un ang pinakamalayo.. ano bang magandang isunod.. vigan ba or laoag? mahirap kasing manghula ng next itinerary kasi sayang sa time at baka mag-overspend kami if magkakalayo ang mapupuntahan naming place.. tnx and more power!!

    1. Hi there K-jilliandivine!
      You can contact Kuya Jomar Villaluz
      Globe 09159074537
      Smart 09203183945
      He can provide you with a very affordable place to stay in Pagudpud.
      If you'll ask me I suggest Pagudpod then Laoag/Paoay/Batac finally Vigan before heading back to Manila. If you want ask Kuya Jomar kung magkano ang presyo niya sa tour ng mga lugar na yun.
      Hope that helps!

  6. Hi thanks for sharing the information, how do I take the public transport from Manila?

    1. Hello Henry! Thanks for dropping by. You can ride the Victory Liner heading to Ilocos Norte. =)

  7. Did the guide use his tricycle ?

  8. Good day Sir! I would to seek your help/advice for my Ilocos trip. I came Up with some questions based on the information you provided on your post.

    Is that the only way to contact that "Kuya Jomar"? No websites or Socialsites?

    Is the Kapuluan Beach Resort in Pagudpud or Laoag?

    Did you travel from Manila to Laoag? Or Manila to Pagudpud?

    Did you visit all the tourist spots both in north and south Ilocos in just 1 day?

    How did you find riding a tricycle to visit all the tourist spots? I mean is it hard? Hassle or inconvenient?

    Im looking forward on your response Sir as soon as you are available. I badly need your help coz Im planning to have an Ilocos trip real soon. I dont know where to start the tour, if north or south, and I think travel agencies is more pricey compared to a DYI tour.. You may also send me a response on my email, Thank you very much in advance.

    1. Hi there Alvin! Here are the answers to your questions:

      1, You could also contact him in his FB acct.
      2. Kapuluan Beach Resort is in Pagudpod
      3. You could do both but buses that plies directly to Pagudpod is fewer that those that travel to Laoag City.
      4. Yes we visited all the attractions in the North and South Part of Pagudpod.
      5. Riding a tricycle is fun and adventurous. I just got sunburned though

      I hope I helped!

    2. Yeah it helped, thanks a lot. Was able to talked to Kuya Jomar awhile ago too. I was enlighten that the tour was just around Pagudpud though they also have Laoag-Vigan-Pagudpud tour too but in different rate.

      Gonna use your blog as my guide whenever I would be planning for an out of town trip. I just saw that you've been to a lot of awesome places. You and your blog is such a big help.

      Again, thank you very much and never stop writing/blogging :)

    3. I'm happy that I helped you plan your trip. Have a safe trip and please say hi to Kuya Jomar for me.

      Just leave me a message if you need help.

  9. Hi Mr. Neil! My boyfriend and I are planning to visit Ilocos, at wala pa kaminh defenite plans, luckily nabasa ko 'tong blog mo. Active pa ba ang numbers ni Kuya Jomar? 😄 we're based here in Saudi btw. Thank you!

    1. Hi there! Yes, active pa po yan. You can also contact him in his FB. =) Jomar Villaluz. =)

      You're welcome


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