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Ise Jingu Geku - Mie

Ise Grand Shrine Geku or Ise Jingu Geku ( 豊受大神宮  ( 伊勢神宮 外宮 )) is one of the two main shrine complexes of Ise Grand Shrine and is located at 279 Toyokawacho, Ise City, Mie Prefecture. It is named after Toyouke Omikami, the god of agriculture, rice harvesting, and industry. Ise Jingu Geku Ise Jingu Geku details  Ise Jingu Geku is officially known as Toyouke Daijingu . It is also referred to as the outer shrine is known as shinmei-zukuri. It is characterized by simplicity and antiquity. The main building in Ise Jingu Geku and Naiku are both considered sacred hence, it is surrounded by multiple fences. Visitors are allowed only to go as far as the outer fence. Aside from that, taking a picture of the main building is prohibited. Regardless, you can still take photos of the other parts of the shrine complex.  Ise Jingu Geku - Ise City, Mie Prefecture As part of the Shinto belief in death and renewal, the shrine buildings of both Ise Jingu Geku and Naiku including the Uji Bridge are reb

Toba Aquarium - Mie

Toba Aquarium ( 鳥羽水族館 ) is one of Japan 's most popular aquariums, located at 3 Chome 3-6 Toba City in Mie Prefecture. It is also Asia's only aquarium where you can see a dugong. Toba Aquarium Toba Aquarium Details Toba Aquarium was founded by Haruaki Nakamura in May 1955. The aquarium is subdivided into 12 zones which is basically a reproduction of the natural environment of the animals it houses. Speaking of which, Toba Aquarium has around 25,000 animals from hundreds of different species. Toba Aquarium - Toba City, Mie Prefecture The zones of Toba Aquarium are: Toba Aquarium Map A - Performance Stadium B - Kingdom of Sea Animals C - Ancient Sea D - Coral Reef Diving E - The Sea of Ise Shima F - Jungle World G - Miracle Forest  H - Mermaid Sea I - Polar Sea J - Japanese River K - Strange Creature Research Institute L - Water Corridor Although these zones are labeled with letters, there are actually no fixed routes to explore Toba Aquarium . As a matter of fact, visitors a

Hamajima Seaside Park - Mie

Hamajima Seaside Park ( 浜島海浜公園 ) is a popular beach destination in Hamajima Town, Shima City, Mie Prefecture. It is located on the southern coast of Hamajima Town, Shima City. Hamajima Seaside Park Hamajima Seaside Park Also called Oyahama Beach , Hamajima Seaside Park is a go-to summer destination for the locals and also for the foreign tourists who know the place.  Hamajima Seaside Park - Shima City, Mie Prefecture Every first Saturday of June, the people of Hamajima celebrate the Ise Lobster Festival . It's a thanksgiving celebration not only for the abundance of lobsters in the area which has been the lifeblood of the community but also for the bountiful catch in the area. The festival also marks the end of the fishing season. It is known for the street dances featuring locals wearing fantastic outfits and showing off their  Jakoppe dance skills.  Glass fishing ball floats decorates the road near Hamajima Seaside Park Hamajima Seaside Park viewing platform The festival moves

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