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Camiguin Adventure: Catarman

Our adventure today takes us about 649 kilometers southeast of Kilometer 0 in Manila to the town of  Catarman .  It is known as the oldest town in the province of Camiguin . It was founded in 1622 under the patronage of San Roque. The name Catarman means a point or cape .  Catarman Catarman History Historically, the province of Camiguin and Misamis Oriental and was governed from Cebu from the 18th century to the 19th century. When Misamis Oriental gained provincial status, Camiguin became part of its territory and was called  Partido de Catarman.  Catarman - Camiguin Island Welcome to Catarman One of the public rides the town can offer The island of Camiguin was frequently subjected to natural calamities. Volcanic activities were one of the major causes of problems for the townspeople. During the eruption of Mt. Vulcan on October 10, 1870, the town of Catarman lay in ruins. Catarman was transferred to the area of Guiob a year after. Sunken Cemetery - The most p

Kabila White Beach and Giant Clam Nursery - Camiguin

Located in a cove near Cantaan in the town of Guinsiliban in the Camiguin Province, Kabila White Beach is a beautiful white sand beach with crystal clear waters.  Kabila White Beach and Giant Clam Nursery Kabila White Beach and Giant Clam Nursery details Unlike most white sand beaches in the country, Kabila White Beach is not overcrowded or flocked by tourists. In fact, it is quite hidden and is surely very peaceful and quiet. That's not all, it also houses several giant clam nurseries where they take care of giant clams which they also use to educate tourists.  Kabila White Beach and Giant Clam Nursery -Guinsiliban, Camiguin The locals conserve the beach and its surroundings, that's why visitors are requested to pay an entrance fee of P25. My wife and I got to visit Kabila White Beach and Giant Clam Nursery for the first time during our 7-day honeymoon backpacking in Mindanao .  Team Nicerio visits Kabila White Beach Team Nicerio visits Kabila White B

Bura Soda Springs - Camiguin

Located in Compol-NIA-Mainit Road, Catarman in the island province of Camiguin , Bura Soda Springs is one of the many springs and pools found in the province of Camiguin . However, don't think that this place is just one of your ordinary springs. So what's unique about this place? Bura Soda Springs Bura Soda Springs Details What sets Bura Soda Springs apart from the other springs in the province is its taste. You heard that right, from that name itself  Bura Soda Springs , has water that tastes like soda some says it's more like champagne. Welcome to Bura Soda Spring Bura Soda Spring - Catarman, Camiguin I've googled for information regarding the reason why the spring has that unique taste. Some say that the water has minerals that give it a unique taste, in addition to that it is also said that drinking the water from the springs would reduce osteoporosis, decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease, and lower blood pressure. Read these first before you

Camiguin: Mahinog Ostrich Breeding Farm

Located in Mahinog in the island province of Camiguin, the  Mahinog Ostrich Breeding Farm  or simply Ostrich Farm is the only one of its kind in the country. Kids, animal lovers, and fun loving individuals would surely enjoy a visit to the Ostrich Farm. If you're lucky enough to visit during the breeding season you might actually witness an ostrich laying its gigantic egg or an ostrich chick coming out from its egg. The ostrich face Keep in mind that the Ostrich Farm is not a zoo but a breeding and production center. It also serves as a research center used to improve the quality of farm animals. (Expect a variety of other animals in the farm.) Ostrich- "Get outta here!" You'd be happy to know that you'd only pay P5 entrance fee. (Some shampoo sachets cost more that the entrance fee.) "I'll peck your eyes out!" What I like about the Ostrich Farm is the knowledge about farm animals that I learned from interview

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