Onishika Itsukushima Shrine - Hokkaido

Onishika Itsukushima Shrine ( 鬼鹿厳島神社 )  is a village shrine that once was considered a shrine for herring fishermen.   located at 300 Onishikaminatomachi, in the town of Obira in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan .  Onishika Itsukushima Shrine Onishika Itsukushima Shrine details (SUMMER) Hikoemon Suhara of Fukushima, Matsumae-gun, is believed to have built the shrine at Amato-Ganmura in 1866. It became a village shrine in 1889, and due to Kikamura's urbanization in 1909, it was relocated from Amatogan Village to Kikamura (current location). The shrine houses the deity  Ichikishima Hime no Mikoto and celebrates its annual holiday on July 3. The path going to Onishika Itsukushima Shrine as seen from the shrine grounds Onishika Itsukushima Shrine komainu faces Onishika and the Sea of Japan Onishika Itsukushima Shrine a-gyō Onishika Itsukushima Shrine un-gyō Onishika Itsukushima Shrine is revered and respected by the fishermen, particularly those in the herring fishing industry. They off

Japan Diaries 4: Week 32

Week 32: June 6 - 10, 2022 Day 217: June 6, 2022 Monday - Rumoi Rumoi High School 6/6/22 Another week, another opportunity. Today, I'm back at my main school - Rumoi High School . Here's my workload for today: 1st period - Wild Racoon Dog in Tokyo Intro @ 3 -35 of Matsuda-sensei 3rd period - Wild Racoon Dog in Tokyo Intro @ 3-46 of Matsuda-sensei 5th period - Listening Activity @ 3-11 of Matsuda-sensei Inside one of my collab classes with Matsuda-sensei For these classes, Matsuda-sensei allowed me to be the lead teacher. It wasn't as easy as I imagined but it was totally worth the experience.  Planning activity for the Rumoi High School English Club After classes, we had a planning activity for our Rumoi High School English Club . Grocery shopping at COOP Going thru the aisle that every wife wants Mint KitKat Cookies & Cream KitKat That night my wife and I went on a walk and ended up at COOP  just in time for the Closing Time Sale. Aside from the usual cooked food and

Reuke Farm - Hokkaido

Reuke Farm  ( 礼受牧場 )  is one of the recommended destinations to go to if you want to experience breathtaking vistas and delectable cuisine in the city. It  can be found at 294-1 Reukecho in Rumoi City, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan . Reuke Farm ( 礼受牧場 ) Reuke Farm details Reuke Farm , also called Reuke Pasture , was once a privately owned pasture. It opened to the general public on Heisei 11 (1999) and has since been one of the top scenic tourist spots of Rumoi City.  Reuke Farm - Rumoi City, Hokkaido Reuke Farm is known for its beautiful view of the beach and Route 231. Aside from that, you'd also see some towering wind turbines on the farm. Not only do these generate power, but they also serve as a nice backdrop to your photos.  The info board about the wind turbines of Reuke Farm You can see the other wind turbines behind the forest Rapeseed fields of Reuke Farm Speaking of photos, it is highly recommended to visit Reuke Farm in June as the fields on the farm turn yellow due to

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