Singapore x Google 2019: DAY 4

Day 4: September 13 Singapore x Google 2019: Day 4 Good morning from Singapore ! Thank God my throat seems better compared to yesterday. With health issues not being a problem anymore, I have set my heart and mind to exploring Singapore again later at night after fulfilling my responsibilities in Google HQ Singapore . Inside Google Singapore Time to go back to the Innovator Program My day started out like clockwork... I took a bath early in the morning then headed to the ground floor of Ibis Hotel for breakfast at Taste before heading off to Google HQ Singapore in Mapletree Business City. For today's round of talks,  I was particularly hooked to the " Final Prototyping " topic. Today is also special for the Google Innovators as their family members were invited to Google Singapore to watch them receive their certificates. Google Certified Innovator Program Activities The day was jampacked with activities and hours flew in the wind. Regardless, I still managed to sque

Singapore x Google 2019: DAY 3

Day 3: September 12 Singapore x Google 2019: DAY 3 Pleasant morning from Singapore ! Sad to share that my throat is still sore due to the haze that I have been inhaling since Day 1. The cleaning lady left this on the desk yesterday, I was so tired I only saw it now Team QSR all set for the day Although I'm feeling a bit unwell, it's not enough of a reason to waste this day. So as usual, I started the day with a hearty breakfast at Taste in Ibis Hotel at Bencoolen which is my home for the 6 days that I'm here in Singapore .  Morning Activities in Google Singapore After breakfast, the QSR crew and I then went to Google HQ in Mapletree Business City. For today's round of talks, I got plenty of takeaways from the Ideate and 1:1 Critiques by Les McBeth. I also enjoyed the  Getting Geeky with Sheets topic.  Afternoon Activities in Google Singapore Overall, it was a very long day and most of it passed like a blur. Regardless, I still managed to enjoy the day by expl

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