Singapore x Google 2019: DAY 3

Day 3: September 12

Singapore x Google 2019: DAY 3
Pleasant morning from Singapore! Sad to share that my throat is still sore due to the haze that I have been inhaling since Day 1.

The cleaning lady left this on the desk yesterday, I was so tired I only saw it now

Team QSR all set for the day

Although I'm feeling a bit unwell, it's not enough of a reason to waste this day. So as usual, I started the day with a hearty breakfast at Taste in Ibis Hotel at Bencoolen which is my home for the 6 days that I'm here in Singapore

Morning Activities in Google Singapore

After breakfast, the QSR crew and I then went to Google HQ in Mapletree Business City. For today's round of talks, I got plenty of takeaways from the Ideate and 1:1 Critiques by Les McBeth. I also enjoyed the Getting Geeky with Sheets topic. 

Afternoon Activities in Google Singapore


Overall, it was a very long day and most of it passed like a blur. Regardless, I still managed to enjoy the day by exploring Google HQ during my free time... and guess what my friends and I found out? There is a freaking secret room at L780. However, I won't share exactly whereas I'd probably be banned from entering Google HQ next time. 

The Backpack Adventures Explores Google Singapore

Google Singapore - YouTube

Can you guess what this is?

Google Singapore Secret Room at L780

When I got back to the hotel that night, I video called my family back home to tell them about my day and how much I already miss them. After that, I made sure to rest early so that I'd get well enough to explore Singapore again tomorrow night... something that I really enjoyed doing. 

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  1. Konnichiwa Neil-san, ang hirap mo i-contact! I'm looking for travelers to interview. Nothing nefarious or networking (hahaha). May new-old segment ako sa blog "traveler of the month" .. Interested ka? 😄

    1. Hey Polly, sure. :) Send the questions to my email -


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