Singapore x Google 2019: DAY 4

Day 4: September 13

Singapore x Google 2019: Day 4
Good morning from Singapore! Thank God my throat seems better compared to yesterday. With health issues not being a problem anymore, I have set my heart and mind to exploring Singapore again later at night after fulfilling my responsibilities in Google HQ Singapore.

Inside Google Singapore

Time to go back to the Innovator Program

My day started out like clockwork... I took a bath early in the morning then headed to the ground floor of Ibis Hotel for breakfast at Taste before heading off to Google HQ Singapore in Mapletree Business City. For today's round of talks, I was particularly hooked to the "Final Prototyping" topic. Today is also special for the Google Innovators as their family members were invited to Google Singapore to watch them receive their certificates.

Google Certified Innovator Program Activities

The day was jampacked with activities and hours flew in the wind. Regardless, I still managed to squeeze in some foodie adventure with my buddies inside the Google HQ. We tried out the awesome coffee at Jungle Roasters at L5 80 and for lunch, we had the Umami Bomb Burger of BRGR which is also at L5 80. We capped our food trip with milk tea at L8 80 cafeteria

Exploring Google HQ Singapore

BRGR at L5 80

Umami Bomb Burger

Google Singapore Rooftop Garden L9 80

The slide on the roof deck of Google HQ Singapore

In one of my free times, I also went to L9 80 which has access to the rooftop garden of Google HQ. The garden has a panoramic view of Mapletree Business City, sadly the haze obstructed what could have been another picturesque view of Singapore. On the far end of the garden was another hidden gem which was a freaking slide! Talk about Googler's perks! Aside from the garden, L9 80 has a minibar which probably has the most choices of Dilmah tea flavors among all the minibars of Google HQ. 

Ms. Aileen Apolo welcomes the family members of the 2019 Google Certified Innovators

The family members (top) and the 2019 Google Certified Innovators (bottom)

After exploring Google HQ Singapore, I headed back to the Certified Innovator Program area for the official "graduation" of the Innovators. They were given the certificates and formally welcomed as Google Certified Innovators.

Google Certified Innovators

Before heading back home to Ibis Hotel at Bencoolen, Ms. Myna and the QSR gang went out to have dinner at Tampopo in Takashimaya Shopping Center. We also tried out the super delicious ice cream of GODIVA also in the shopping center.

Dinner at Tampopo in Takashimaya Shopping Center

Tampopo's California Roll

GODIVA in Takashimaya Shopping Center

GODIVA's delicious chocolate ice cream

That night, I took the opportunity to do another night biking tour. This time, I rode solo around Little India and was captivated by the colorful illumination displays on Serangoon Road. These illumination displays were part of the Dewali Festival which the Indians were currently celebrating. 

Dewali Festival in Little India, Singapore

Serangoon Road in Little India, Singapore

Little India is famous for a lot of things and one of them was its numerous temples. Although these temples were already closed during my night biking tour, I still made sure to check them out during my night biking tour. I got to see the following:

Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple

Sri Srinamasa Perumal Temple

Sakya Muni Buddha Gaya Temple

Sri Vadapathira Kaliammen Temple

I got back to the Ibis Hotel at Bencoolen at around 11:50PM. I rested a bit before taking a shower to wash off the particles from the terrible haze that hitched on me. Overall, today was another jampacked but fulfilling day here in Singapore. I'm excited to see what tomorrow has to offer. 

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