TJM Tropical Resort - Batangas

Located in Sito Longos, San Felipe, Cuenca in the province of Batangas, TJM Tropical Resort is a private pool resort tucked deep in the forested area of Barangay San Felipe. TJM Tropical Resort TJM Tropical Resort details Registered as Triple J and M Tropical Resort , TJM Tropical Resort  started out as a family vacation house and a farm built around a decade ago. It is not originally for rent. But the owners rarely visit the place. So after a few years, they decided to sell it. Welcome to TJM Tropical Resort Inside TJM Tropical Resort Ella enjoying her first trip outside since the lockdown began. They found it difficult to sell such a big property, so they tried to offer it for a long-term lease in 2017. On an ocular inspection, a prospective tenant asked the owners if they could sublease it daily. After the ocular, the prospective tenant did no push through. So the owners tried to post it on Airbnb for staycations. The owners received positive feedback from the guests and so they de

Cuenca - Taal Road Trip 2021

It has been more than a year since our last family out-of-town trip to Boracay Island . The COVID 19 pandemic lockdown forced not only us but basically every Filipino to stay home and be hopeful that everything will be well soon. Aside from that, it also affected the tourism industry with the closure of numerous hotels and restaurants.  Cuenca - Taal Road Trip 2021 That's why when the government allowed local travel, my wife, daughter, and I took the opportunity to help local tourism and at the same time go on our first family out-of-town road trip for the year. For this trip, we drove to the province of Batangas for our 2-day adventure in what I dubbed as Cuenca-Taal Road Trip 2021 . Come, join us on our first road trip of this year.  Day 1 February 28, 2021 For the first day of our road trip, we drove to TJM Tropical Resort in Cuenca, Batangas where we booked an overnight stay in their Cabin Room for just 1810 pesos.  This is gonna be the first road trip of our car Baby Osaka Ju

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