Japan Diaries: Day 6

Day 6 December 24, 2014 Universal Studios Japan Day 2 Another day, another adventure. It is the second and final day of our Universal Studios Japan adventure. However, before we head to the theme park we need to refill our tummies first.  As part of our hotel package, we got to eat our buffet breakfast at one of the restaurants in Hotel Keihan (Universal Tower) .  Breakfast time at Top of Universal ! We chose the Top of Universal (restaurant) . It is known as the highest restaurant in the area. It also has a panoramic view of the park and Osaka Bay. The food and ambiance are obviously western (so if you want a Japanese-style breakfast, you better check out the other restaurants in the hotel).  Going back to USJ for our 2nd-day tour! Just googled it... Keita Tachibana is a good actor! My wife is enjoying this more than my daughter Finally, my daughter noticed! That Christmas tree is a Guinness Record holder... Guess why... Checking out the Animation Celebr

Japan Diaries: Day 5

Day 5 December 23, 2014 Universal Studios Japan Day 1 Even if I had been on a back-to-back adventure yesterday, I still have enough energy and excitement for our trip today. It's all because we're heading to Universal Studios Japan (USJ) ! (Who wouldn't be excited about that?) However, b efore anything else, I would like to greet Emperor Akihito a happy birthday! (It's a national holiday today - 天皇誕生日 , Tennō tanjōbi )  Universal Studios Japan   (USJ) We drove early  to Universal Studios Japan   from Kameyama Residence for our 2-day USJ adventure. We were accompanied by Ms. Sawa and her son Ryu. We would then meet up with Ms. Akiko and Ms. Chiz together with their children in the theme park.  However, before we proceeded to USJ, we first went to Hotel Keihan (Universal Tower) to check in our bags.  Inside Hotel Keihan After leaving our stuff in the hotel, we immediately headed to USJ and met up with our Japanese friends. We were really blessed because our 2-

Ameyama Ruined Castle - Osaka

Located on the peak of Mt. Ameyama or simply Ameyama in Kumatori-town in Osaka Prefecture in Japan, Ameyama Ruined Castle is also referred to as the Rain Fortress . Ameyama Ruined Castle Ameyama Ruined Castle History It is said that the Rain Fortress was built sometime in 1346 by Hashimoto Masataka of the Kusunoki Clan. Its purpose was to serve as one of the defensive lines in the Kinolzumi border during the times of the Southern and Northern Dynasties during the Muromachi Period. The Rain Fortress also guards the pilgrims that pass through the Kokawa highway. Ameyama Ruined Castle - Kumatori, Osaka Prefecture An ancient map of Ameyama showing the Ameyama Castle Join me as we hike Ameyama to see the Ameyama Ruined Castle Upon that gate is the ruined castle... Before entering the torii gate... What! No castle ruins?! The plaque probably describes the history of the place The Ameyama Shrine is near the Ameyama Ruined Castle The visitor's

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