Japan Diaries: Day 6

Day 6 December 24, 2014

Universal Studios Japan Day 2

Another day, another adventure. It is the second and final day of our Universal Studios Japan adventure. However, before we head to the theme park we need to refill our tummies first.  As part of our hotel package, we got to eat our buffet breakfast at one of the restaurants in Hotel Keihan (Universal Tower)

Breakfast time at Top of Universal!

We chose the Top of Universal (restaurant). It is known as the highest restaurant in the area. It also has a panoramic view of the park and Osaka Bay. The food and ambiance are obviously western (so if you want a Japanese-style breakfast, you better check out the other restaurants in the hotel). 

Going back to USJ for our 2nd-day tour!

Just googled it... Keita Tachibana is a good actor!

My wife is enjoying this more than my daughter

Finally, my daughter noticed!

That Christmas tree is a Guinness Record holder... Guess why...

Checking out the Animation Celebration Studios

After eating, we checked out from Hotel Keihan. On our way to the theme park, we stopped at the Universal CityWalk Osaka to watch a monkey show and also to check out the stores for some souvenirs. After spending half an hour checking what the stores in the Universal CityWalk Osaka have to offer we finally entered Universal Studios Japan again for the last time. Since we have Ella with us, it would be hard for us to ride any of the attractions together so we decided to just tour the park and take pictures instead.

Universal CityWalk Osaka

Checking out the monkey show

He'll dance the macarena later. LOL

Inside the Universal CityWalk Osaka 

Osaka Takoyaki Museum


Ramen at Ra-men.

We left Universal Studios Japan a little past noon and decided to eat our lunch at one of the restaurants in the Universal CityWalk Osaka. However, I insisted that we visit the Osaka Takoyaki Museum first. Luckily my wife obliged and we toured the "museum" for a while. My wife was not in the mood for some takoyaki dish though so we mutually agreed that we would eat at Ra-men (restaurant) which is also in the Universal CityWalk Osaka. Can you guess what we ordered for lunch?

Universal City JR Station

After the meal, we purchased our train tickets at the nearby Universal City JR Station. We boarded the JR train and transferred to another JR train that would bring us to Kumatori Station. From there we rode a bus back to Kameyama Residence and had a small meal in celebration of Christmas Eve.


  1. Wow, I haven't been to Japan and I really enjoy reading your Japan Diary, especially your amazing experienced in Universal Studios with your wife. I also love how you were able to capture and write the happy moments, which will surely be something to look back in the future. Having a luscious Ramen after a fun-filled tour around Universal Studios is such a perfect way mollify your famish stomach. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

    1. Thanks for visiting and reading my Japan Diaries Laiariel. =) I hope you could visit Japan soon.

  2. It seems you had loads of fun in Universal Studios. I have never been to one in the world. The Japan one looks cool. Love the ramen too. Great blog!

    1. Hi Shreya, yup we had loads of fun in USJ and the places near it. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. Wow I had no idea that there was a Universal Studios in Japan. It sure looks like a fun place. Was that t Christmas tree a Guinness Record holder for the tallest tree? ..I would love to visit Universal CityWalk Osaka someday..Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yup that Christmas tree is a Guinness Record holder for being the tallest Christmas Tree. We wanted to top that by the giant Toog Tree decorated with Christmas lights in Agusan del Sur but apparently the people in Guinness did not see it as Christmas Tree.

  4. What a lovely family Christmas holiday! I'm sure you enjoyed your Japanese adventures to bits. That theme park was impeccably clean and spotless. Great and colourful photos which will remind you in the years to come of the wonderful time you had.

    1. Hi Ash, surprisingly it's not only the theme park that's clean but also the whole Prefecture. =) You will love it here.

      Yup we all had a grand time. I'm praying that we get to visit this place again. =)

  5. What a wonderful day at the Universal Studios. I can see there are lots of unique entertainment options that I have not seen in other Universal studios. Will definitely visit here when I get a chance

    1. Your kid (and even you) would surely have a great time here. Please do visit USJ. =)


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