Ameyama Ruined Castle - Osaka

Located on the peak of Mt. Ameyama or simply Ameyama in Kumatori-town in Osaka Prefecture in Japan, Ameyama Ruined Castle is also referred to as the Rain Fortress.

Ameyama Ruined Castle

Ameyama Ruined Castle History

It is said that the Rain Fortress was built sometime in 1346 by Hashimoto Masataka of the Kusunoki Clan. Its purpose was to serve as one of the defensive lines in the Kinolzumi border during the times of the Southern and Northern Dynasties during the Muromachi Period. The Rain Fortress also guards the pilgrims that pass through the Kokawa highway.

Ameyama Ruined Castle - Kumatori, Osaka Prefecture

An ancient map of Ameyama showing the Ameyama Castle

Join me as we hike Ameyama to see the Ameyama Ruined Castle

Upon that gate is the ruined castle...

Before entering the torii gate...

What! No castle ruins?!

The plaque probably describes the history of the place

The Ameyama Shrine is near the Ameyama Ruined Castle

The visitor's cabin found on the peak

Although it is a fortress, it was also referred to as a castle. Aside from that, it is locally called a yamashiro which means mountain top castle. It is believed that the Rain Fortress was destroyed or abandoned sometime in the early 17th century. Throughout time, Mother Nature reclaimed what was originally hers. Today only a marker is all that remains of the Rain Fortress. However, the Ameyama Shrine and a visitor's cabin would still welcome those who'd want to see where the former "castle" once stood.

Only benches and some markers could be found where the castle was supposed to be standing...

The up-close picture of Ameyama Shrine

I first learned about the Ameyama Ruined Castle from the signage on the road to Eiraku Dam. Since I was intrigued (or simply because I wanted to see a Japanese castle so badly), I decided to visit it after I tour the Okuyama Ameyama Natural Park. All along I thought it was an easy trip but actually, it took me more than an hour to reach the torii gate. Honestly, I was disappointed at first because there was no castle or any Parthenon-like ruins on the peak. Luckily, the Ameyama Shrine and the beautiful view from the peak made my trip worthwhile. 

The Backpack Adventures visits Ameyama Ruined Castle
The Backpack Adventures visits Ameyama Ruined Castle

Ameyama Ruined Castle Admission Fee:

It's FREE to visit and explore Ameyama Ruined Castle grounds. 

Ameyama Ruined Castle Opening Hours:

Ameyama Ruined Castle is open 24/7.

Why visit Ameyama Ruined Castle?

Overall, visiting Ameyama Ruined Castle might ruin your expectations of seeing a grand mountain top castle like Gifu Castle but keep in mind that reaching the top of Mt. Ameyama means that you'd conquer this mountain. It would surely be one for the books. 

Getting to Ameyama Ruined Castle:

Ride the #92 Nankai Bus from Nankai Main Line in Izumizano Station bound for Osaka University of Health and Sports Sciences. From the University the jump of the point is just a 30-minute walk away.

From this marker, the trek would be quite straightforward.

Another option is to ride the  #90 Nankai Bus bound for Okakita. Board down at the town of Nariai. From there the jump-off point is just 15 minutes away.

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