Kumatori Exchange Center Rengakan - Osaka

Kumatori Exchange Center Rengakan (熊取交流センター 煉瓦館) is a former cotton cloth factory turned public hall located at 1 Chome-10-1 Gomonnishi, Kumatoricho, Sennan City in Osaka Prefecture.

Kumatori Exchange Center Rengakan (熊取交流センター 煉瓦館)
Kumatori Exchange Center Rengakan

Kumatori Exchange Center Rengakan Details

Constructed sometime in 1928 (Showa 3). The red-brick building locally referred to as Rengakan was originally a building where fabric and textiles were produced from cotton. During the peak of its operation, there were two buildings on the site. 

Kumatori Exchange Center Rengakan - Sennan City, Osaka Prefecture

Kumatori Exchange Center Rengakan facade

Back then, the town of Kumatori was famous for producing high-quality towels which were locally called Senshu towels. There were around 500 specialist factories around Kumatori that worked together to create the famed towels. 

Exploring the grounds of Rengakan

However, due to the advances in technology, these factories closed down one by one. Rengakan ceased operations in 1992 and the buildings fell into disrepair. Thankfully, it was designated as an Important Cultural Property of Kumatori on March 3, 2003. Because of this, there were renewed interests and most importantly fresh funds to maintain Rengakan

Inside Kumatori Exchange Center Rengakan:

Check out that large machine. Can you guess what it is?

Rengakan Osaka
The yatai float that is used during festivals is displayed inside the Rengakan.

Rengakan was eventually preserved and reconstructed. Works were completed in December 2004. Rengakan officially became the Kumatori Exchange Center Rengakan soon after. At present, several facilities can be found in its vicinity like the following:

Cotton Hall - this is a multipurpose hall that is usually used for lectures and concerts.

Experience Hall - this is where visitors can experience and learn about the history and culture of Kumatori.

Exchange Hall - this is where exhibition work is displayed like the permanent exhibits of Danjiri.

Dyeing Workshop - this is where visitors can try dyeing clothes and fabrics. 

I got to visit Kumatori Exchange Center Rengakan with my family last January 13, 2022, which was my 73rd day here in Japan as an ALT under the JET Programme. Our visit was not actually to tour the place but to eat dinner at Poudol

Dining at Poudol

Welcome to Poudol Restaurant

Poudol Restaurant
I ordered a steak. Expensive but worth every yen

It was after our dinner that we went in to check out what Kumatori Exchange Center Rengakan has to offer. We weren't able to try out the dyeing workshops as it was already 8 PM when we visited. Regardless, we just contented ourselves walking inside Rengakan. There was a pagoda/float used for festivals on display inside Rengakan. There's also what appears to be an old print machine used in the dyeing process before also on display. 

Dining in Poudol Restaurant with my Japanese family

Just to share, this is actually my second time visiting this place. The first time was last December 20, 2014, during my 2014-2015 Japan trip with my family. During that time, we attended the Rengakan Illumination

Kumatori Exchange Center Rengakan Admission Fee

It's FREE to enter and explore Kumatori Exchange Center Rengakan.
However, you need to pay 500 yen to try the traditional dyeing experience activity.

Kumatori Exchange Center Rengakan Operating Hours

Kumatori Exchange Center Rengakan is open from 9AM - 10PM except for Wednesdays when it closes at 5:30PM

Why visit Kumatori Exchange Center Rengakan?

Although there is nothing much to see here, the Kumatori Exchange Center Rengakan is a must-visit if you are into cultural and historical things. There is a workshop here where visitors can try the traditional indigo cloth dyeing called aizome

Getting to Kumatori Exchange Center Rengakan

From Kansai International Airport, ride the Nankai Kuko Line to Isumizano Station. From there, walk to the Isumizano bus stop and board a bus to Seinenkaizyomae. 

Kumatori Exchange Center Rengakan is 8 minutes away by foot. 

Travel time: 39 minutes
Fare: 760 yen




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