Ise Jingu Naiku - Mie

Ise Grand Shrine Naiku or Ise Jingu Naiku (伊勢神宮) is one of the two main shrine complexes of the Ise Grand Shrine and is located at 1 Ujitacho, Ise City, Mie Prefecture. It is dedicated to the goddess Amaterasu.

Ise Jingu Naiku

Ise Jingu Naiku details

Ise Jingu Naiku is officially known as Kotai Jingu. It is also referred to as the Inner Shrine. This shrine complex is 16 kilometers away from the Ise Jingu Geku. According to the second oldest book of classical Japanese history - Nihon Shoki, Ise Jingu Naiku was established some 2000 years ago when the divine Yamatohine-no-Mikoto set out to search for a permanent location to worship the goddess Amaterasu.

Ise Jingu Naiku - Ise City, Mie Prefecture

It was said that after 20 years of wondering, she heard Amaterasu say that Ise is the land she wanted to dwell in. From there, they say the rest is history. 

Crossing the Uji Bridge

Water font to wash the hands and mouth of visitors

Torii gate (一の鳥居) near Hiyoke Bridge

The traditional establishment date for Ise Jinju Naiku dates back to 4BC. Other sources peg it in the 3rd century. In his book Sacred Places, Professor Christopher Witcombe wrote that the first temple of Ise Jingu Naiku was erected by Emperor Tenmu (678-686).

Ise Jingu Naiku (伊勢神宮)

The architectural style of the Ise Shrine is known as shinmei-zukuri. It is characterized by simplicity and antiquity which was a basic principle during the Kofun period (250-538 CE). The shrine at Ise Jingu Naiku was built using the Japanese Cypress as its main material. Heads up though, you're not allowed to take a photo of the Kotai Jingu but you can take photos of the other lesser shrines in the shrine complex. 

Ise Jingu Naiku vicinity maps

Speaking about lesser shrines, at present there are 123 other Shinto shrines in Ise City and neighboring areas. 91 of these are connected to Ise Jingu Naiku

Isuzu River Hand-Washing Place 御手洗場

As part of the Shinto belief in death and renewal. the shrine buildings at both Ise Jingu Naiku and Geku including the Uji Bridge are rebuilt every 20 years. This process is called Shinkinen Sengu. The present buildings were constructed in 2013 and are the 62nd iteration of the process. The 63rd Shikinen Sengu will be in 2033.

Inside Ise Jingu Naiku grounds

Path to Kazahinominomiya Bridge 風日祈宮橋

Kazahinominomiya Bridge 風日祈宮橋

Exploring Ise Jingu Naiku

I visited Ise Jingu Naiku with my Japanese family last January 12, 2022, which was my 72nd day here in Japan as an ALT under the JET Programme. During our visit, we explored the vast grounds of Ise Jingu Naiku. I made sure to get the goshuin of the shrine for my goshuin collection. 

Speaking of exploring the vast grounds of Ise Jingu Naiku, these are some of the structures that I saw in Ise Jingu Naiku:

Uji Bridge (宇治橋)

Ise Jingu Naiku's Kagura Stage 神楽殿

Takimatsuri-no-Kami 瀧祭神

Ise Jinju Naiku's Reception 御神札・御守授与所

Divine Meal Cooking House 御贄調舎


皇大神宮別宮 荒祭宮
Betsugu Aramatsuri-no-miya 皇大神宮別宮 荒祭宮

No-step Stone 踏まぬ石

Betsugu Kazahinomi-no-Miya 皇大神宮別宮 風日祈宮
Betsugu Kazahinomi-no-Miya 皇大神宮別宮 風日祈宮

Banquet Hall 参集殿

Miyano-megurino-Kami 四至神

Overall, it has always been a dream for me to visit both shrines of the Ise Grand Shrine. Hence, this visit is memorable for me. I'm looking forward to revisiting this place again in the future but next time with my wife and daughter.

Ise Jingu Naiku Entrance Fee

It's FREE to enter Ise Jingu Naiku and explore its grounds. 

Ise Jingu Naiku Operating Hours

Ise Jingu Naiku is open from 5AM - 6PM everyday.

Why visit Ise Jingu Naiku?

Ise Jingu Naiku and Geku are 2 must-visit destinations if you are in Mie Prefecture. They are considered the holiest and most important shrines in the country. Hence, I highly suggest that you include these places in your itinerary when you visit Ise City.

Getting to Ise Jingu Naiku

If you're coming from Chubu Centrair International Airport in Aichi Prefecture, head to Central Japan International Airport Station and board the Meitetsu-Limited Express train to Meitetsu Nagoya Station. 

From there, walk to Kintetsu Nagoya Station and transfer to the Kintetsu Limited Express. Board down at Isuzugawa Station. Walk towards the Isuzugawa Station Square and ride Bus #51 to Naiku Mae Bus Stop. Once there, just cross Uji Bridge and you are already on Ise Jingu Naiku grounds. 

Travel Time: 2 hours and 56 minutes
Fare: 4300 yen




Overall rating


  1. That's a nice experience that you visited Ise Jingu Naiku. Lucky you!

    1. You should also visit Ise Jingu Naiku in the future. :)

  2. I saw your blog about Ise jingu Geku. I didn't know that there were two Ise Jingu in Mie. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You're welcome. Please do come visit Ise Jingu Naiku and Geku in the future.


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