Japan Diaries 4: Day 70

Day 70: January 10, 2022

Monday - A Trip to Wakayama

Good morning everyone! Today, Mr. Toshi had a lunch reservation at Kominka Cafe Restaurant Hatsuhana in Iwade City, Wakayama. Mr. Toshi's other daughter, Akiko, her son, and her friend Kumi-san joined us for this trip. However, before we headed out, Mr. Toshi and Ms. Taeko brought the family dog Yomo to the vet as he was limping after our stroll in Rinku Park two days ago. 

My breakfast for today

While waiting for them to return, Akiko and company arrived sometime around 10AM. Kumi-san and I got to chat about various topics as she can speak English fluently. Mr. Toshi and Ms. Taeko returned a little before 11AM. We found out that it was Yomo's weight that was the leading cause of the issue. I'm thankful it wasn't something grave. 

I rode with Akiko-san and Kumi-san going to Iwade City.

Kominka Cafe Restaurant Hatsuhana

We left the Kamiyama residence in a two-car convoy bound for Iwade City. I rode with Akiko and her friend. We arrived at Kominka Cafe Restaurant Hatsuhana at around 11:50PM.  Just on time for our lunch reservation. 

Inside Kominka Cafe Restaurant Hatsuhana


Set meal at Kominka Cafe Restaurant Hatsuhana

Kominka Cafe Restaurant Hatsuhana was a former monk's residence that was repurposed to become a cafe restaurant. We each ordered the set meal which costs 2200 yen per order. Overall, the food was delicious to my standards and in a way heavy on the stomach. 

After lunch, we drove to Wakayama Marina City. It is a theme park in Kemi, Wakayama City. Although we didn't pay an entrance fee, there were separate admission fees for each ride and attraction in the theme park. 

Next stop - Marina City's Porto Europa in Wakayama City.

Wakayama Marina City - Wakayama City

Different animals were on display in a mini-zoo during our visit.

Mr. Toshi and Karin-chan watching the High Dive

Porto Europa looks like a Mediterranean seaside town

For this visit, we paid for our entrance to the animal show. Afterward, we explored the Porto Europa area which made us feel like we were teleported to a Mediterranean seaside town. 

The Backpack Adventures
Kuroshio Market

Inside Kuroshio Market

Looking for souvenirs in Kuroshio Market

Mr. Toshi in Kuroshio Market

From there, we walked to the Kuroshio Market which is also in the theme park. It's a seafood market that sells a wide variety of fish and souvenir products. This is where I got some of the omiyage for my co-workers in Rumoi High School. 

AEON Mall Wakayama

Karin-chan and Mr. Toshi with Ki-chan of Wakayama

Before going home, we did a bit of grocery shopping at AEON Mall Wakayama which is also in Wakayama City. From there, we continued with our drive back to the Kameyama Residence in Tsubasaogaoka while Akiko and her friend continued on to Suita City to wrap up our Wakayama Trip.  

Mr. Toshi is cooking dinner for us.

Overall, it was another memorable bonding memory with my Japanese family. We managed to buy what we need for tomorrow's trip to Mie Prefecture. Please join us for more.

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  1. Love Wakayama! One of my favourite prefectures in Japan!

    1. You should visit Porta Europa. =) It's surprisingly good.


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