Hiking Mt. Batolusong

Hey guys, it's time to go on another hiking adventure. This time we're heading to Tanay, Rizal to conquer Mt. Batolusong. Just a recap, the last mountain that we hiked in Rizal were Mt. Cayabu and Mt. Maynuba in 2019.  

Hiking Mt. Batolusong

Mt. Batolusong Details

Mt. Batolusong is the collective name of the three peaks that hikers need to conquer namely Duhatan Ridge (458 MASL), Mapatag Plateau (663 MASL), and Rangyas Peak (883 MASL).

Mt. Batolusong - Tanay, Rizal

Mt. Batolusong got its name from the large bato, which means rock in English, that once was visibly seen near the base of Mapatag Plateau and Rangyas Peak. The said rock was shaped like a large mortar used by the locals to unhusk rice which is locally referred to as lusong. Sadly, this rock is now covered with vegetation and is now impossible to see.

Early morning drive to Tanay, Rizal

Mt. Batolusong Registration Area

Mt. Batolusong Registration and Parking Area

Tour Guide reminders

Groupie with the family before hiking Mt. Batolusong

Before hiking Mt. Batolusong, you are required to first proceed to the Mt. Batolusong Registration Area in Barangay San Andres in Tanay, Rizal. You need to register and pay the following:
  • Environmental Fee - 50 pesos per person
  • Cultural Fee - 20 pesos per person
  • Tourism Fee - 30 pesos per person
  • Tour Guide - 500 pesos per 5 people
Here are the fees that you need to pay for those planning to hike Mt. Batolusong.

Our guides for our Mt. Batolusong hike

Hike up Duhatan Ridge (454 MASL):

Start of hike

Here's where our ascent formally starts

5 Phases of Mt. Batolusong

Mahiyaing Bato near Phase 4

The Backpack Adventures reached Duhatan Ridge

Duhatan Ridge with the family

The hike is fairly easy even for beginners as the trail has a slow ascent. Up until Peak 1 - Duhatan Ridge at 454 MASL, there are 5 phases or rest stops along the way. They are easy to identify as there are benches made from bamboo in each phase. When you reach Phase 4, don't forget to take a photo of and on the unique-looking Mahiyaing Bato which is one of the known landmarks of the mountain. 

Hike up Mapatag Plateau (663 MASL):

Store in Mapatag Plateau

Rangyas Peak as seen from Mapatag Plateau

The family reaches Mapatag Plateau

Mapatag Plateau

When you reach Peak 2 - Mapatag Plateau at 663 MASL you'd be welcomed by a refreshment store where you can buy cold soft drinks and order something to eat. You can also pitch your tent in this area. From here, hikers have an amazing view of the surrounding mountains and Laguna Lake. 

Hike up Rangyas Peak (883 MASL):

From Peak 2, Rangyas Peak (Peak 3) at 883 MASL can be reached in around 30 minutes or less. However, unlike the walk-in-the-park hike to Peak 1 and 2, to reach Rangyas Peak, one must use a fixed rope to scale the almost 90-degree slope. Peak 3 offers a panoramic view of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range and on a clear day, you can also see the Pillillia Wind Farm and Talim Island. This place is also one of the best places to eat your lunch. If you reach Peak 3 very early you might also get the chance to view the Sea of Clouds.

Sea of Clouds as seen from Mt. Batolusong

The Sea of Clouds

Mt. Batolusong summit reached!

From here, you may choose to rappel down the same way you used up to reach Rangyas Peak or simply follow an easier but bit longer path down to Peak 2. 

The Backpack Adventures conquers Mt. Batolusong

Overall, Mt. Batolusong is a beautiful mountain, best hiked very early in the morning. There are numerous picture-perfect spots along the way that's worth seeing. If you're lucky, you would even witness the famed Sea of Clouds of Tanay. Lastly, it is very notable that the locals regularly clean the mountain so please do your part in helping them preserve Mt. Batolusong's beauty and cleanliness. 

Mt. Batolusong Itinerary

4AM - Drive from Manila to Barangy San Andres in Tanay, Rizal
6AM - ETA Barangay San Andres
Registration Fee: P600 (see article for breakdown)

6:15AM - Start ascent
7:30AM - ETA Duhatan Ridge
8:30AM - ETA Mapatag Plateau
9:30AM - Rangyas Peak
9:30-11AM - Rest and lunch at Rangyas Peak
11AM - 1PM - Descent to Jump-off Point.

Side trip destinations:

After our Mt. Batolusong hike, we decided to go on several stopovers before heading home.

Side trip: Boso Boso Church

The Backpack Adventures visit Boso Boso Church

We first had a pilgrimage to Boso Boso Church in Antipolo, Rizal to offer some prayers. 

Side Trip: D' Original Kuya Bong Walang Ka - Pares

Time to eat!

Then from there, we had our early dinner at the roadside food stall area in the Marilaque Highway.

We tried the pares and mami of D' Original Kuya Bong Walang Ka - Pares

Thank you, Aya for the ice-cold coffee treat.

We ordered pares and mami at D' Original Kuya Bong Walang Ka - Pares. My sister Aya also bought each one of us Iced Coffee at Cafe Una.

Bought some bring home suman from Maydie's Special Suman, Kasoy Atbp

From there, we had one last stop to Maydie's Special Suman, Kasoy Atbp. where I managed to see how suman was made. I also bought dozens of suman to bring home to my wife and neighbors. Just to let you know, since it's where the suman was made, the price is just 5 pesos per suman.

We got home around 10PM that night. It was a tiring but fulfilling trip. Something that I look forward to doing again in the future. 

Why Hike Mt. Batolusong?

Mt. Batolusong is one of the most scenic mountains in Tanay, Rizal. It can be hiked in a day or two depending on your pacing. It's also a perfect place to view Tanay's famed Sea of Clouds. If you have time, you can also visit the nearby Kay-Ibon Falls as a side trip.

Getting to Mt. Batolusong


From Manila, head to Cubao and ride a jeepney going to Cogeo Gate 2.
Board down and transfer to another jeep going to Sampaloc. Board down at Batangas and ride a trike/habal-habal going to Barangay San Andres. You can also tell the trike driver to drop you off Mt. Batolusong jump-off point. He should know where it is.  




Overall rating


  1. Hi is there any requirement needed? Thanks

    1. Health Cert? We were not asked any. However, they require you to hire local guides for your hike even if it's a solo hike. No guide, no hike.

  2. Do you still remember how much was the overnight fee?

    1. Overnight fee for Mt. Batolusong tour guide is 1250 pesos.

  3. Hello po. Meron po kayo contact number don? Guide or kung sino pwede ma-contact for info. Thanks!

    1. Eto ang numero ng Tanggapan ng Sangguniang Bayan. 942-7174 Local 305

  4. Ang ganda ng Mt. Batulusong!


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