Quirino Bridge - Ilocos Sur

Located at Barangay Banaoang, Santa, in the province of Ilocos Sur, Quirino Bridge is a 456-meter arch bridge that connects the towns of Santa and Bantay. 

Quirino Bridge

Quirino Bridge History

Also referred to as Banaoang Bridge, Quirino Bridge is named in honor of the late 6th president of the Philippines, Elpidio Quirino. The bridge is an iconic symbol of Ilocos Sur and has been shown as a backdrop to some local films particularly those of the late Filipino movie icon, Fernando Poe Jr.


Quirino Bridge was heavily damaged by floods caused by Typhoon Egan last July 2023. 

Quirino Bridge - Santa, Ilocos Sur

As seen from the northern end of Quirino Bridge

Crossing the Quirino Bridge

The bridge was heavily damaged by Super Typhoon Feria back in 2001 and caused great traffic as it is the only bridge that connects Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur then. Although it was fixed and restored, a new bridge was built in 2007 and opened in 2009. The new bridge is located more or less half a kilometer west of the original one. It also serves as the main thoroughfare of vehicles crossing the Lagben River in Ilocos Sur. The original Quirino Bridge is now closed to traffic and is preserved as a tourist attraction. It also serves as a backup in case the newer bridge becomes impassable.

Waiting for the sunset

The new bridge

Although I have passed through Quirino bridge and the newer bridge several times already, it was only during our family Ilocos Sur - Ilocos Norte Road Trip last December 2017 that I got to step foot on it. Both entrances to it were barricaded but I managed to enter it on foot from its northern end. I was planning to cross it but was discouraged by the time constraints (it was a quick stopover) and the very strong winds that seem to be pushing me away. 

Lagben River as seen from the bridge

The family visits Quirino Bridge

Quirino Bridge Admission Fee:

It's good to note that there are no admission fees to visit Quirino Bridge. However, you might be charged parking fees by locals who are "in charge" of the area used by motorists as a parking area.

Quirino Bridge Opening Hours:

There are no specific opening hours of Quirino Bridge. Although it is highly discouraged to visit it late at night. 

Why visit Quirino Bridge?

What I particularly like about Quirino Bridge is the picturesque view of the Lagben River with its mountain backdrop. Overall, it is safe to say that this bridge is one of the most beautiful in the country. It is also a nice place for a stopover and a quick photoshoot

Getting to Quirino Bridge:

From Cubao, ride a bus heading to Vigan City. Tell the conductor to drop you off near Quirino Bridge. The conductors know this place very well and it is also very hard to miss (unless you are asleep).

Overall rating


  1. The river scenery looks so stunning.

  2. Amazing photos!! I would love to visit someday because I’ve hearf about this bridge. Not much, but enough to make me wanna go snap a couple snapshots in front of!!


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